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  • Volunteering at TUHSD 

    First, we want to thank you for your interest in working with our students! Our district processes hundreds of volunteers annually, and we must admit—we couldn’t provide the level of services that we do without our volunteers. These individuals provide support to our students in many different capacities, from activities to athletics. Our District wants to ensure that your processing as a volunteer is facilitated smoothly.

    How to become a Volunteer

    1. Apply Online: Complete and submit the online Volunteer Application

    2. Contact Site Administration: Contact the school or department where you applied to serve and let them know your application is complete.

    3. Electronic Request for Processing Sent by Campus: The school/department must complete an electronic form (a Volunteer PAR) requesting that we process you, and submit it to Human Resources. You will not be contacted for processing until we receive this information.

    4. Processing Appointment: A Human Resources Specialist will contact you to set a processing appointment when all these steps are completed. Processing includes being fingerprinted as a volunteer at no cost to you. If you have a DPS fingerprint clearance card, please notify HR when you are called for the appointment. This will expedite processing. You will need to bring a photo ID when you come to HR for your appointment to be processed.

    5. Fingerprints: Fingerprints are sent to the Arizona Department of Public Safety for processing. Processing takes anywhere from four to six weeks. Please note that you are not cleared to be on campus until your fingerprint report is returned by DPS!

    6. Work Permit: Upon receipt of a clean background report from DPS, a Work Permit is issued and sent electronically to campus or department administration. At that time, you are cleared to be on campus.
    Please remember that your Work Permit is valid for one school year, from the date of approval through June 30. Your school/department must update your request to volunteer annually, but re-fingerprinting is not required.

    Requirements for Volunteers

    • The volunteer will be under the direct supervision of a certified staff member at all times.
    • The supervising staff member will define the responsibilities of the volunteer.

Human Resources Contacts

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