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Tempe Union High School District

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TUHSD Dual Enrollment

Deanna Smith - DualDual Enrollment courses allow high school students the ability to earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously. 

But that's not the only benefit to dual enrollment:
  • Easy transfer to many universities
  • Save money
  • Finish college faster
  • Eliminate duplication of coursework during early years of college
  • Teachers are dual enrollment certified 
Suzanne Kelley - Dual  David Taylor - Dual

Additional Dual Enrollment Resources


www.aztransfer.com AZTransfer is a statewide collaboration that helps students navigate their higher education options within Arizona.
AZTransfer provides high school students with a step-by-step guide, dual enrollment courses, pick a university, and Major Guides.

Student Transcripts:

For student transcripts follow the directions below to request official transcripts to be sent to a college/university:
  1. Go to Parchment.com & select the "Sign Up" link on the homepage.
  2. Pick Parent or Student and complete the registration page.
  3. Once registered, select "My Transcripts".
  4. One the next step, if you do not know your student code, please read the following instructions. Leave box marked "Parchment Registration Code" blank. Instead, use your mouse to sign your signature and mark/fill all other fields below appropriately to complete your registration.

Current Students - there is a $3.50 surcharge (per transcript) + an additional $2.50 for US Mail - after the first 5 free transcript requests.

Alumni - first 5 transcripts there is a $3.50 surcharge (per transcript) + an additional $2.50 for US Mail - after the first 5 transcript there is a $7.00 surcharge (per transcript).

Dual Enrollment School Site Links & Contacts:

Corona del Sol:
Dan Brugger
Guidance Counselor
Phone (480) 752-8784
Nora Talavera
Guidance Counselor
Phone (480) 752-8792

Karen Hinds
Lead Dual Liaison
Phone (480) 706-7900 ext. 2155

Lisa Coleman
Guidance Counselor
(Last name beginning A-L)
Phone (480) 838-3200 ext. 40063
Debbie Martinez
Guidance Counselor
(Last name beginning M-Z) 
Phone (480) 838-3200 ext. 40062

McClintock High:
Melinda Cornado
Guidance, Department Chair
Phone (480) 839-4222 ext. 60037

Brandy Walker
Phone (480) 759-8449 ext. 50150

Dave Morton
Senior Counselor - Department Chair
Phone (480) 967-1661 ext. 20317
Kayla Burr
Guidance Assistant
Phone (480) 967-1661 ext. 20131
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