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Compadre Academy

Home of the Lobos

  • Compadre specializes in meeting the needs of each student we educate.  Our program is second to none when it comes to alternative curriculum and building relationships with students.  Our mission is to equip young adults with the knowledge and skills essential to pursue a meaningful and fulfilling life.  We will build strong, lasting relationships with our students, parents, staff, and community.  Research shows programs alone will not make our students successful; relationship building along with our quality program will change lives.
    Compadre's mascot is "Lobos", the Spanish word for wolves.  We work together as a pack.  We believe that all students come to us with dreams and goals - no matter what background, community, or situation.  Building caring relationships, holding high expectations, and providing an alternative curriculum allows all students success in education and in life.  Compadre is the "School of choices" because it is for any student who feels they do not fit in the traditional high school setting and/or feels that an alternative education is better for them to meet their goals.  We service a spectrum of students at Compadre, those that want to get ahead and graduate early to those who may be credit deficient and want to catch back up.  We welcome you to be a part of the Compadre family.
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