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Tempe Union High School District

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Our district is nationally recognized for our tradition of excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts. Our six comprehensive high schools have attained an “A” rating from the Arizona Department of Education. 

Tempe Union High School District’s Human Resources Department is dedicated to the selection and retention of exceptional educators who are committed to our district’s mission of Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

We recognize that educating the students of Tempe Union requires a team effort. This involves contributions made by numerous team members who participate in a variety of ways, both inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers and staff are passionate and committed to the Professional Learning Community Model. Our team consists of teachers, campus and district administrators, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, food service workers, security guards and other classified support staff as well as our instructional support staff members such as psychologists, school nurses and speech pathologists, coaches and sponsors...to name just a few!

We are looking for the right people to become a part of this amazing team – are you [IN]?

Our employees benefit from market-competitive salaries and outstanding benefits. We provide a supportive working environment, professional development training and mentoring.  Most importantly, we offer the opportunity to make a difference in our students’ lives! Are you [IN]?

To learn more about available positions or to apply, please visit the Work at TUHSD page and click on the Applicant Instructions for more information about the application process. To complete an application, select the Employment and Volunteer Applications link.

If you have questions about available positions you are welcome to contact Human Resources at 480-839-0292. We look forward to hearing from you!

Human Resources Contacts

Dr. Kevin J. Mendivil
Associate Superintendent
(480) 839-0292 x15013
Shawnee Worters
Director of HR Operations
(480) 839-0292 x15012
Alicia Langbehn
Lead HR Generalist & Executive Assistant
(480) 839-0292 x15013
Rose Anne Ryff
HR Generalist
(480) 839-0292 x15025
Shaneeta Robbins
Substitute Coordinator
(480) 839-0292 x15023
Sara Glass
HR Specialist - Classified Employment for CdS, DV, THS, Teaching & Learning
(480) 839-0292 x15021
Tracy Preslaski
HR Specialist - Certified Employment for CHS, MdN, MHS, MtP, SPED, CTE & Guidance
(480) 839-0292 x15022
Dottie Vanda
HR Specialist - Certified Employment for CdS, DV, THS, Teaching & Learning
(480) 839-0292 x15024
Elizabeth Estrella
HR Specialist - Classified Employment for CHS, MdN, MHS, MPHS, SPED, CTE & Guidance
(480) 839-0292 x15026
Norine Ebright
DO Receptionist
(480) 839-0292 x10000

Cruzita Mori
Administrative Assistant – Food and Nutrition Department Food and Nutrition Applicant & Employee Processing
480-839-0292 x14510
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