TUHSD Students Honored at the 2021 Tempe Festival of the Arts Competition!

Congratulations to the following TUHSD art students who were selected as winners in the Tempe Festival of the Arts competition! Student work was displayed over the weekend during the festival in the Young Artist Exhibit.

Marcos de Niza student, Aviva Sanchez, and her piece “Journey Through the Mindscape” won second place in the 9-12th Grade 2D Art category. She shared about the process of creating her art and the emotions behind expressing herself; “I created this piece during a rather bleak time during the pandemic, using what I had to make something I could be proud of. I’ve always loved vivid colors and take every chance to incorporate them everywhere I can. I try to keep the meaning of this piece up to personal interpretation, as just about anyone can look at it and see a little of their own journey within it.”

Sanchez is also a student in the Marcos de Niza Fine Arts Academy, which helps students with all levels of experience in Fine Arts express themselves. She went on to express her gratitude for the Fine Arts Academy and her teacher, Reagan Guzman, who make experiences like this possible for TUHSD students; “I’m extremely proud to be a finalist in this contest, as both an aspiring artist and Marcos Fine Arts Student. I hope this award can shine some light on our AP Art program, Fine Arts Academy, and our amazing art teacher Ms. Reagan Guzman!”

McClintock ceramics student, Emma Simone Madarang, who placed third in the 3D Art category, also shared about her work and the achievement of being recognized at the festival; “To have my artwork displayed by the Tempe Festival of the Arts is a huge honor to me, as it feels like the first huge step towards finding recognition in my art. It's given me an outlet to realize that I do have the potential to be successful in my pursuit of the Fine Arts, and a good reminder that the hard work put into my pieces will always have a payoff that I can be proud of.”

The creative freedom to express herself through her art, while being supported by her teachers and classmates allowed her to represent the artistry of nature in her piece. Simone Madarang stated “I made the mug ‘Discovery’ as a part of a four-piece character mug series detailing the story of how I got into making creature-based designs and how I found both a fascination and a community through them. The series was meant to show my evolution of creature-based designs over the years, and ‘Discovery’ marked the first creature concept that started it all.”

She also shared that she utilized techniques that she dreams of continuing to explore and she knew she had the support of Stacy Marko, McClintock Fine Arts teacher, which helped her believe her artwork could win; “When I went to build up the mug... [it was] hollowed into a uniform thickness before details would be carved and shaped into the head of a creature drawn from influences such as lions, eagles, and visible light shining through glass-like patterns- basically a griffin with a literal light-hearted twist. I'm happy to say that I have a teacher that guided me through, ensuring that my piece was constructed well and was neatly glazed so that the mug would be at the highest quality it can be.”

TUHSD is honored to have students recognized in the Tempe Festival of the Arts competition, as well as teachers who enable their students to be creative and express themselves through different mediums of art. Congratulations to the following TUHSD students who were honored at the Tempe Festival of Arts: 

  • Digital Arts:
    • 1st place – Emily Hummel – DV
  • 9-12th grade Art (2D):
    • 1st place – Addison Burlington-Grissam – DV
    • 2nd place – Aviva Sanchez – Marcos
  • 3D category:
    • 3rd place - Emma Simone Madarang – McClintock 
  • Honorable mentions:
    • Alexis Beaman – DV
    • Grace Balzer – McClintock
    • Jesse Rabauliman – McClintock
    • Rachel Dollins – McClintock