COVID-19 Resources for Social & Emotional Wellness

  • It is totally normal and understandable for us all to be feeling more unsettled and stressed than usual at this time. It’s ok to have questions, to be frustrated, and to seek additional support when you need it for yourself or for those you care for.

    Please reference any of our resources below or additional resources under this section for your social and emotional wellness and related needs. Even with so many businesses shut down, helping professionals are working hard to make phone and online support available.

    For more serious and immediate social-emotional needs, the following are some available resources. Please also remember to research services available through your insurance company.

    • The City of Tempe CARE 7 crisis response program is offering free stress management counseling for the community through a new effort called COVID Care. Tempe residents can receive up to three sessions from licensed counselors and social workers as well as counseling interns from Arizona State University who work under the guidance of licensed staff. Residents can call CARE 7 at 480-350-8044 to request counseling and undergo a brief screening. The sessions are being provided using computers and phone calls and will focus on three areas: understanding stress, developing coping skills, and finding hopeful solutions to manage life in the time of coronavirus. Sessions are open to people age 18 and older. Learn more about the City of Tempe CARE 7 here.
    • Crisis Response Network hotline for Maricopa County: (602) 222-9444
    • Additional Crisis Response Network information:
    • Teen Lifeline: (602) 248-8336 and

    School support staff are also available to you during school hours for consultation and support of various kinds. Many staff have regular “office hours” online, and will also respond to emails or phone calls if you want to reach out to them. See your school’s website for specific contact information.

    This is also an excellent time to practice and model self-care, to have some fun family time, or perhaps even to have some quiet alone time that was harder to come by before this began.

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COVID-19 Resources for Parents