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  • Our program is comprised of respectful gentlemen and excellent student/athletes. They are highly knowledgeable and well-schooled in all facets of the game. We expect our kids to be mature beyond their years and they are. They support each other mightily and integrity is second to none. Our kids are fierce competitors and sharpshooters. No matter what, when the competition starts, their focus narrows, they know precisely what they need to do and are relentless in the pursuit.

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Important Information for DV Boys Golf

  • Tryouts for the 2021 Boys Varsity Golf season will begin the second week of school on August 9, 2021, at 4 PM. Any interested players MUST attend the mandatory player meeting on Tuesday, August 3, 2021, listed on the start of the season calendar. Please refer to the included calendar below for courses and tee times. Transportation will be discussed at meetings before tryouts begin. Proper golf attire is required. ALL ATHLETES MUST BE FULLY CLEARED

    Please Note:

    • Golf Team Tryouts Begin AUGUST 9, 2021, 4 PM.
    • It is not unusual for the local area to be under a "HEAT ADVISORY" in August.
    • It is very HOT on the golf course between 4 PM and 7 PM when tryouts are held.
    • Good HYDRATION is a must for all student-athletes and especially members of our golf team and tryout group.
    • Good HYDRATION begins the night before your golf team tryout.
    • Arrive at the golf course ON TIME, well Hydrated and Stretched out, so you are ready to compete, we begin promptly.
    • You will be walking the golf course, a LIGHT golf bag is a good thing. Include only the essentials (balls, tees, snack, hat, water, sunscreen).
    • Make sure to bring a 1 pint to 1-quart WATER BOTTLE. Water stations are available every few holes around the golf course for refills. Coaches will also have extra water available for distribution.

    We look forward to seeing you all!

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