Digital Photography Program

  • 2 female students in photography class Program description: The Digital Photography program is a comprehensive program taking students from traditional black and white film photography in the first year, to digital photography in the second and third years. The program is designed for serious students who want the whole photography experience. Students learn in a hands-on studio environment many skills that will serve them well in whatever career path they choose.

    The sequence of courses:

    • Year 1 – Photography 1-2
    • Year 2 – Photography 3-4

    Optional courses beyond sequence: 

    • Photography 5-6
    • Photography 7-8

    CTSO: Skills USA

    Industry certification: None required – offering Adobe Photoshop

    Related careers: Portrait, commercial, scientific, freelance, and news/photojournalist photographers

    Post-Secondary pathways: Certificates, Associate's and Bachelor’s degrees in Fine Arts

    Digital Photography program contact:
    Steve Adams, Program Lead (MPHS)

    Photography field trip - 2 students taking pictures while sitting on rocks by stream  leaf on water

    Learn more about the TUHSD Annual Photography Contest that's open to all levels of Photography and IB visual art students of Tempe Union.