Important Message from our school Nurse

  • A message to all of our families of students who take medication during the school day: We understand our families may need these daily medications during our school closure. Our school nurse will be available Monday, March 16 & Tuesday, March 17 from 8am to 11am for families to come pick up medication.

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    Students who need to see the nurse must have a pass and must sign in as they enter the nurse's office. Student who are ill and need to go home must check out through the nurse.  She will obtain verbal parental permission to either release the student to wok or ride the city bus home, or arrange for pick up. 

    Students who leave school because of illness without first reporting to the nurse shall be considered truant.
    Please notify the health office if your child has a medical problem.  The nurse will make every effort to comply with a physician's orders.

    Acetaminophen is not provided by the school. 
    The health office does not provide cold medication, including cough drops, to students.  Parents must send in over-the-counter medication for their student, along with a signed note of permission in order for the nurse to administer that medication to the student.  Students who carry prescription or over-the-counter medicines with them while at school are violating district drug policy.

    Please read the Medication Guideline Policy here.

    Students who need medication during the school day should bring the medication in the original prescription bottle. They also must have a medication release form signed by their parent/guardian.


    The Tempe Union High School District does not carry insurance for injuries sustained by students. A student insurance plan is offered for purchase through an outside agency. Forms for this insurance are available in the Athletics Office.

MdN Health Services Contacts

  • Karen Allen

    (480) 838-3200 x40915