Gifted Education - Program Eligibility

  • Testing for the gifted and talented program on a state-approved test is offered three times during each school year. Any student scoring a 97th percentile or above qualifies for differentiated instruction provided through numerous service options.

    Gifted Test Registration

    For TUHSD schools, a testing session takes place on the campus of McClintock High School on:
    July 20, 2024

    Students should arrive no later than 8 AM.

Gifted Testing Date - Flyer

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TUHSD Gifted Program

  • Our district appreciates that students who have been identified as gifted (97th percentile and above) require specialized instruction, curriculum, and services. Like our students, each of our high schools has its own personality and style in its approach to understanding the needs of our gifted students. With a remarkable partnership with Arizona State University, we are confident that through the outstanding programs at our schools and our community opportunities, we can offer the highest quality education.

    While most districts appoint one individual to oversee the needs of 'exceptional' students, we provide resources for each comprehensive site to offer a Gifted Coordinator with a plethora of services. Each of these coordinators is an established and successful teacher who understands the needs of the gifted student. We encourage you to contact them with any questions you may have regarding the gifted program at their respective sites. In addition, our district has identified the need for The Payne Academy, which is a specialized school for gifted students and is located on the McClintock High School campus.

    Arizona Definition of Gifted and Talented
    Arizona Revised Statute §15-779 defines a gifted child as "any child of lawful school age who displays superior intellect, advanced learning ability or both and who needs special instruction and services to reach appropriate levels of achievement."

    Please see the Arizona Department of Education's Gifted Education website for more information.

    Programming Overview
    In high school, students are provided many different options for an enriched and accelerated curriculum. These options are open to students to elect to participate in the program. Programs do vary by school site, so it is important to understand and explore all the available options.

    These programs include