Welcome to TUHSD Special Education

  • ALL students in TUHSD will have two different options to access their free appropriate public education, regardless of if they have an IEP or not. Please always remember that students with IEPs are general education students in our District first. All of the decisions we make as a District for your student begin with that in mind.

    We know that your student also has individualized needs and we are here to listen and continue to collaborate with you on meeting their needs. You have very specific questions because of your student’s IEP and their individualized needs. Because we want to address all of your questions and concerns on a timely basis, please email your special education-related questions to Ms. Rene Delgado, Administrative Assistant, at cdelgado@tempeunion.org.

    Most importantly, please know that we all genuinely care about the health, safety, and education of your son or daughter. We are working hard to ensure your student will receive the special education services consistent with the need to protect the health and safety of students with disabilities and those individuals providing their education, specialized instruction, and all related services.

Special Education Contacts