Current Election Information

  • The Governing Board of the Tempe Union High School District has called a special budget override election to be held on November 7, 2017 to request voter authorization to exceed the Maintenance and Operation Budget Limit by 15% of the revenue control limit to be in effect for a period of seven years.

    The increase authorized by this election shall be funded from a levy of taxes on the taxable property within the District. The proposed override is a continuation and increase of the existing 10% override. The additional 5% budget override would be used exclusively for compensation package of the certificated teaching staff.

    The District plans to phase in the additional 5% levy over the next four years to provide an on-going funding source for teacher compensation increases. The plan is to levy an additional 2% of the M&O override in year 1 and an additional 1% each year after until the maximum additional 5% is reached.

    This election will be an "all mail" election. 

    • All ballots will be mailed to every registered voter on October 12 and the county will have three ballot centers open. You may mail in your ballot or drop it off at at ballot center.
    • On Oct. 27, five more ballot centers will open and again, you may mail in your ballot or visit one of the ballot centers to drop off your ballor or vote.
    • If you plan to mail in you ballot, please be sure to do so by Nov. 1.
    • On Nov. 3, at least 19 more ballot centers will open.
    • Nov. 7 is Election Day and 27+ ballot centers will be open around Maricopa County for voters to drop off their ballot or vote.

    For information about your local ballot center, visit the Maricopa County Election Page.

M&O Override Fact Sheet

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M&O Override Fact Sheet - Spanish

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