Welcome to TUHSD's Summer Bridge Program


    Summer Bridge is a free summer program targeting 8th-grade students. The program brings Tempe Union, Tempe Elementary, and ASU Staff together in a team teaching model to provide highly engaging science and mathematics experiences to help more students find success with the mathematics and science foundations, preparing them to achieve proficiency in Algebra 1 and Integrated Science by 9th-grade.

    It is an ASU AZR3 funded program only available for 8th-grade students who are enrolled in Marcos de Niza High School, McClintock High School, Mountain Pointe High School and Tempe High School. Students enrolled at Desert Vista and Corona del Sol High Schools are not eligible to participate in this program.

    Session Dates: May 28 – June 7, 2024.

     Online Registration for Summer Bridge - website

    Program Objectives:

    • Bridge mathematics gaps in preparation for Algebra 1 in grade 9
    • Increase foundational mathematics understanding
    • Develop confidence in mathematics and problem-solving
    • Increase foundational science understanding
    • Bridge science gaps in preparation for Integrated Science in grade 9
    • Increase growth mindset
    • Experience the high school setting in advance of starting high school
    • Gain exposure to high school clubs & activities available on campus
    • Gain college & career pathway information and guidance
    • Increase access to resources for family engagement
    • Visit Arizona State University & participate in the campus experience

    Program Purpose:
    Summer Bridge will not only give students the academic boost they need to be successful in math and science, but help bridge the students from middle school to high school by giving them an opportunity to get to know the campus, administration, and become comfortable with the school prior to entering 9th grade. Summer Bridge participants will also receive post-high school readiness and pathway information & skills.

    Program Goal:
    To close the achievement gap in math & science by supporting students to be ready for high school classes.

    Course Offered | PDV600 Summer Bridge Credit 0.5:
    This course will target incoming freshmen in the core subjects of math and science. The curricular focus is aligned with the 8th and 9th grade Arizona State Standards and incorporates organizational and study skills. This program is intended to familiarize students with their future high school campus and to assist them with the transition between middle school and high school.

    This course is only available at Title I schools with established agreements with ASU AZR3. [Board Adopted 2005] [Board Revised 2021]
    Duration: 2 weeks
    Graduation Code: EL

    Students will be enrolled in Summer Bridge during the 9 days of instruction. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will earn a “P” passing grade of ½ elective credit applied to their high school transcript upon enrollment in TUHSD. These courses are free to the students.

    Locations of Summer Bridge:
    Locations include Tempe High School, McClintock High School, Mountain Pointe and Marcos de Niza High School. A field trip to Arizona State University is also included in this program.

    Transportation will be provided by Tempe Elementary School District buses to the school students will be attending and on scheduled field trips. Tempe city bus passes are also available for free for Tempe youth residents.

    Youth Transit Pass Program - City of Tempe website

    ASU AZR3 will provide free meals and snacks for students in the summer bridge program. This will include lunch. 

    General Information:

    • Enrollment will be based on the first 50 registered students at each program
    • All school supplies will be provided
    • All registration forms need to be returned to the child’s middle school office

    Attendance & Tardy Policy:
    Summer Bridge students are allowed no more than two (2) absences to earn credit. Attendance reporting will begin on the first scheduled day of class. Students entering campus more than 15-minutes late or leaving more than 15-minutes early will be marked absent for the day.

    Closed Campus:
    Campuses hosting the Summer Bridge program are considered closed campuses. Students must remain on campus during school hours. If a student arrives after the beginning of the school day, the student must sign in at the front office and receive a hall pass. Students leaving campus will sign out through the front office.

    Student Conduct:
    Summer Bridge students are expected to conduct themselves, at all times, in a manner that will bring credit to themselves, their parents, and the school. Students will follow TUHSD’s standards of behavior. Under Arizona law, students will be held accountable for disorderly conduct on school property and on the way to and from school. (A.R.S. 15-34)

    Students committing disruptive, dangerous, or illegal acts may be excluded from the opportunity of attending Summer Bridge. Any of the following acts committed during Summer Bridge may result in suspension or recommendation for expulsion (this list is not all-inclusive of offenses):

    • Sale of narcotics or illegal drugs
    • Smoking or other use of tobacco products
    • Physical abuse (assault) of a staff member
    • Use of dangerous weapons against another person (firearms, switchblade, knives, bicycle chains, brass knuckles, clubs, etc.)
    • Possession, use of, or being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or narcotics
    • Theft or illegal use of another’s property
    • Possession of a weapon or other article designed to cause bodily harm
    • Verbal abuse of a staff member
    • Involvement in a disturbance on, or in the vicinity of another campus
    • Damaging or defacing another’s property or school building, property, or equipment
    • Profanity or abusive language (insubordination)
    • Extortion, gambling, fighting or being involved in acts of violence
    • Disrespect towards, or failure to comply with a reasonable request of a staff member (insubordination)
    • Possession or use of articles designed to disrupt the educational process
    • Any act that disrupts the normal education process (all students have a right to learn)

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