Law, Public Safety & Security Program

  • American Flag, Gavel, and Lady Justice Program description:
    Students will develop a basic understanding of concepts, processes, and institutions of the criminal justice system. Students will experience how laws work to meet human problems and how interpretations of laws adjust within an evolving social order. Students will choose an individualized cohort program to study within: Law Enforcement, Law or Forensic Science.

    The sequence of courses:

    • Year 1 – Criminal Justice 1 and Criminal Justice 2
    • Year 2 – Criminal Justice 3-4

    Yellow tape - crime scene do not cross CTSO: SkillsUSA

    Industry certification: AZ Security Guard Certification

    Related careers:
    Probation Officer, 
Forensic Science Technician, 
Police Officer, 
Correctional Officer, 
Private Detective, 
Security Guard, 
Crime Scene Investigator
, Computer Forensics Specialist
, Fraud Investigator, 
FBI Agent, 
CIA Agent
, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent
, Blood Spatter Analyst, 
Homicide Detective
, DEA Agent, 
Secret Service Agent, 
US Marshal, Paralegal, Lawyer

    Post-Secondary pathways:
    Bachelor’s Degree and Higher in Criminal Justice, Law, Forensic Science, Forensic Psychology.

    Law, Public Safety & Security contact:
    Lindsey Danskin, Program Lead (MdN)