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Mr. Aaron Frana

From the Activities Office . . .

Hello and welcome to the Mountain Pointe Activities hub.  This page is full of information pertaining to all of the opportunities available for getting involved and making the most meaningful contributions to your campus.  I am passionate about student leadership and helping every student find a place to call their own. 

Contact my assistant Marie Slany (480-759-8449 ext. 50106) for available times. Scheduling a dedicated time for our conversation helps me attend to students and staff throughout the day while still guaranteeing the courtesy you deserve.
  • Students: 

    Joining and sticking with at least two extracurricular activities will make your Mountain Pointe experience all the better as you find your own individuality and strengths. You wake up every morning to expand your knowledge for the future but it is easy to lose motivation without the fun of being involved.

    Before you know it, you’ll have incredible memories and a head full of applicable and relevant knowledge. Best of all, Universities and employers are looking for tomorrow’s leaders and big thinkers. Getting involved will prepare you for exactly that.
    For more student announcements, please visit this link: https://www.tempeunion.org/Page/1642


    Your trust and support is an integral piece of the equation that’ll lead to your teen’s future success. Their involvement on campus is the best way to put classroom lessons to work and explore the rigor of adulthood while we are still around to supervise. Our top notch Advisors and award winning programs will transform your teens into community leaders and prepare them for a bright future. The dedication, sacrifice, and time commitment that our extracurricular activities ask for can be tough but as colleges, scholarships, and careers are looking for students with hands on leadership experience, joining a club is the best way to prepare. Reach out to your son or daughter’s Advisors to see how you can get involved as well.


    Look out for students who are not involved and recommend a club that’ll fit their strengths and personalities. Then continue to nudge them for their own good. Supporting our campus activities will have direct benefits to their performance in your classroom. Students who feel as if they have a home within our larger campus are more likely to perform at higher levels for you. Use your students’ club advisors as your allies as they can tap into a student’s motivation. Ask an advisor how you can support what they are doing so they can support your curricular goals as well.

    Community Members:

    There is always a lot going on here at Mountain Pointe and our student leaders are busy preparing for their futures. If you have opportunities to expand and support our students through community service, fundraising, or donations then reach out to our activities office. If we work together at preparing our students then we ensure a stronger community.
    Aaron Frana
    Assistant Principal - Activities and the Arts