Property Control Procedures


    This form must be completed when you want to dispose of a piece of equipment, whether it is being transferred to another site or having the District Office/Surplus Team dispose of it on our Public Surplus Auction Website. We are now including textbooks and library books on our Public Auction, so please use this form when weeding them from your catalog.
    Please complete each section as requested. The date is required, the campus is required and the action checked that you would like us to take, is also required. Please fill in the remaining information in detail. If you are not sure, describe what you have to the best of your ability.  If what you are requesting removal of does not have an asset tag, please provide serial number and model number. If you have 10 boxes of books, please list it as such.

    The person completing this form must obtain signature approvals. After signatures are obtained, forward to the Property Control at the District Office. Upon approval, you will then receive an email confirming your request and further instruction for the removal process.


    Whenever equipment is lost or stolen, a Property Loss Report Form must be completed by the custodian of said equipment. Submit the completed form to the District Office Business Services Executive Assistant. The decision to submit the completed form to the Insurance Company will be made at the District Office level.

    Give a full description of the loss; it must contain the asset tag number, and serial number if known. Remember that equipment CANNOT be retired from our accounting system unless we know the asset tag number or at least the serial number.


    Asset tags are issued at the District Office level by Property Control. Generally, the tags are issued after the invoice for the equipment has been paid. They, however, can be requested beforehand by contacting Property Control. Upon receiving asset tags, complete the form given and return to Property Control as soon as possible. Please remember this information is very important for tracking purposes, especially if the equipment is ever lost or stolen. Please return timely. Duplicate asset tags can also be requested if you notice one has been removed.

Property Control Procedures Contacts

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