Mission, Vision, Values & Commitments

  • Our Mission

    "Inspiring Purpose, Pride, and Performance in EVERY student"

    Our Vision

    Mountain Pointe High School will:
    • have High Levels of Learning for all students through High Performing Professional Learning Communities.
    • have a Safe and Welcoming Community that attends to the social and emotional needs of our students and staff.
    • have a culture in which students and staff are Connected to School and Community.

    Our Values

    • Perseverance:
      “We demonstrate dedication, determination, and personal responsibility in pursuit of our goals and dreams.”
    • Respect:
      “We celebrate the integrity and worth of each individual and esteem the diverse cultures, talents, and skills that each individual brings to our community.”
    • Innovation:
      “We foster and reward new, creative, and imaginative approaches and ideas.
    • Dedication to Life Long Learning:
      “We emphasize learning as essential for continuously expanding horizons and achieving dreams.”
    • Excellence:
      “We seek to be the best we can be in all aspects of the Mountain Pointe experience.”


    Our Commitments

    Connected to School and Community

    • celebrating student and staff success (Excellence)
    • guiding each student in the transition to high school, through high school, and beyond high school (Perseverance)
    • promoting extra-curricular leadership among students and staff by providing a diverse selection of opportunities that will enrich/support relevant academic connections (Dedication to lifelong learning)
    • prioritizing philanthropic leadership
    • in extra-curricular programming to maintain community partnerships (Respect)


    Safe and Welcoming Community

    • fostering positive character and accountability that values individuality (Respect)
    • developing positive relationships with/ among students/staff by treating each other with dignity and respect (Respect)
    • providing support through the use of support groups, individual counseling, peer mediation, and Response Counselor of the Day (Dedication to Lifelong Learning)
    • holding students accountable for their academic and behavioral success (Excellence)
    • providing student incentives for positive behavior choices through PBIS strategies (Respect)


    High Levels of Learning through High Performing Professional Communities

    • implementing research-based instructional strategies (Innovation)
    • adhering to the district-approved scope and sequence (Excellence)
    • having staff work in a collaborative environment (Dedicated to Lifelong Learning)
    • using the Instructional Cycle to enhance student learning (Innovation)
    • incorporating the components of the Formative Assessment Process into daily instruction (Excellence)
    • increasing rigor in every class through the use of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge strategies (Perseverance)
    • honoring classroom instruction time by minimizing interruptions in order to maximize student learning (Respect)
    • providing intervention and enrichment for all students (Perseverance)