Library FAQ's

  • When is our Library open?
    • The MPHS Library is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:15AM to 3:30PM. The MPHS Library is open Tuesday and Thursdays from 7:15AM to 4:00PM. (Times subject to change.)
    • Every student entering the Library/Media Center must sign in at the Circulation Desk. 
    • Students can come to the library before school, during lunch, and after school without a pass. During class, students must have the official hall pass. If more than one student is coming to the library from a teacher's class, the teacher needs to send the students with the official hall pass and a list of the student's names.   
    • We close immediately at the end of school on half-days, 2nd day of final exams. 
    • In the event of Faculty meetings and/or District meetings, we will post the closing time on the Library door.

    How do I find articles?

    • MPHS students, faculty and staff have access to electronic databases that include both article citations and some full-text documents. 
    • All databases may be accessed remotely using your MPHS bookmark. English teachers also have the database passwords on their Canvas page.
    • This bookmark will provide the username and password for each database.

    How do I find books and eBooks?

    • The Online Catalog is the key to finding books and eBooks in the MPHS library collection. All books in the MPHS Library are listed in the Online Catalog. The catalog listing also includes information about their location in the Library.
    • The MPHS Library uses the Dewey Decimal System, a system that organizes books and other library materials by classification, allowing you to browse the shelves for materials on a specific topic.

    How do I check out materials?

    • You must have a current Mountain Point ID card to check out materials.
    • Books may be checked out for a 3-week period.
    • Students are limited to 5 checked-out items.
    • Students must pay for damaged or lost items.

    Am I charged a fine for overdue materials?

    • We do not charge fines for overdue materials, however students may not check out additional materials until overdue items are returned!

    How do I transfer data from home to school and vice versa?

    • It is highly recommended that students carry a flash drive of at least 8GB for transferring data to and from home computers to school computers or save their work to their Google Drive. 
      Students may access their personal e-mail accounts from school. (Note: Not all internet email accounts can be accessed, due to strict security regulations from the District.)
      What software is available for me to use in the Library and in the Computer Labs?
    • You will have access to Office 2013 products including (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, GoogleDocs, sheets, slides, etc...) on all student computers at Mountain Pointe
      Computers use Windows 10 operating system

    How do I access and save to my H: drive?

    • Your teachers will refer many times to your “H:Drive.” This drive is where your work is stored and can be accessed by any school computer. Where is your H:Drive? You can find it this way:
    • From the START menu, select “MY COMPUTER” and choose the option with your student ID number on our server. This is your H: Drive. 
    • In order to save to your H:Drive, you must first choose the “Save As” option from the Office Button menu of the application you are currently using (Word, Excel, etc.).
    • Your work will be saved to “My Documents” in your H:Drive.
    • The H: Drive can ONLY be accessed at Mountain Pointe, so make sure that you have a flashdrive to save your work if you need to work on it at home!

    How do I print multiple slides on one sheet of paper from my Powerpoint Presentation?

    • Go to the Office Button on the top left, select PRINT. 
    • When Windows print opens, look under SETTINGS. Click the drop down menu under SLIDES. Choose the set up you desire (4-9 slides per page)

    How can I make sure my paper is in MLA format?

    • In Word 2013, there is a tab on the top called 'References'. 
    • In the center of the Word ribbon, you will find "Citations and Bibliography'. 
    • Highlight your text, Go to 'Style' and scroll down to 'MLA'.