Fight Song

  • Hail to our Fighting Team, 
    Cheer them along the way!
    Onward to victory, may they win again today.
    We'll give a cheer for our fighting team.
    Long may they reign supreme.
    Shout till the echoes ring,
    For the glory of Tempe.

Tempe High Alma Mater

  • All praise to Tempe High School
    Your memory we hold dear.
    We never shall forget you,
    Though we be far or near.
    And while your halls are ringing,
    With our last victory cheer,
    Your memory will be sacred,
    Through our remaining years.
    To you we are devoted,
    We always shall be true,
    We will respect your banner,
    of purest white and blue,
    And when at last we've left you,
    Will you remember too
    -All the joys you gave us,
    Our praise, Tempe, to you.