Academic Lab

  • The purpose of AcLab is to provide students opportunities for academic assistance within the school day. All staff will focus their efforts and attention in support of student achievement.

    • Begins right after 3rd period

    • Lasts for 47 minutes (10:40am to 11:47am)

    • Is held every Tuesday & Thursday


    Rules during AcLab

    • Students must be in designated areas at all times.

    • Bathroom breaks will NOT be allowed during AcLab.

    • All students may only go to ONE AcLab and must be requested by that teacher via Synergy.

    • Sweep will be in place and Sweep policies will be followed.

    • Appropriate bells will be set up so students will know when to be in designated classrooms. Bells apply to ALL students.

    • Electronic devices will NOT be allowed during AcLab.

    • Make-up tests should be made available to students before or after school or during AcLab. Make-up testing cannot be limited strictly to AcLab time

    • Students that do not attend an assigned AcLab will be referred to Mr. O’Neil (see link above)

    • All teachers need to be requesting students.  Core classes have priority if a student is requested by more than one teacher.


      Q. Can students travel to the library?

      A.  Yes, to send (a max of 5) students to the library for Aclab simply complete the form above .

      Q.  Can I request a student who is not in one of my classes?

      A.   Yes, but you will need to email and alert the 2nd period teacher as you will not have access to create a note in Synergy.

      Q.  Will there be general areas like the cafeteria where students can go if they are getting good grades and just want an area to study in?

      A.   No, there will be no general areas for students this year.  Travelling students must be requested by teachers.