World Language Department

  • French, German and Spanish courses at both the regular and Honors level are offered by the World Language Department. At advanced levels, dual enrollment and AP courses also become available to students. Although world langauge classes are not required for a high school diploma, at least two years in the same language must be completed for in-state public university admissions. Highly selective colleges may recommend up to three or four years of foreign language preparation.

    In a competitive world of diminishing national boundaries, the need for communication and understanding of other peoples is imperative to the survival and development of any individual in any culture or society. We, the faculty at Corona del Sol, believe that the study of a second or third language is essential to the development of effective communication. World Language study not only facilitates the basic communicative skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, it also provides insight into the value systems and behavioral patterns of other groups. Such a study can enlighten the student to the discovery of his/her heritage and culture and result in a better self-understanding and a greater sensitivity of humanity. We also feel it is important to relate to the student how the asset of a second language can increase the opportunities in many fields of employment.

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World Language Contact

  • Ben Maxfield
    Department Lead
    480-752-8888 Ext. 80164

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CdS Language Lab

  • Corona is fortunate to have a state-of-the-art digital audio, video, and internet language lab. A variety of lessons and methods allow our students to benefit from and create real-life situations in the target language, view and listen to authentic materials from a variety of foreign countries, perform paired and group activities free from distractions, and more. The lab environment provides effective, efficient and individualized practice for language students. It is an integral component of our curriculum and a great contributor to the success of our programs.