Important Testing Announcement

  • As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things for our students. One of the major changes is to college applications and the use of standardized test scores (SAT/ACT) in this process.

    While our Arizona public universities have been “test-optional” (students could choose to submit scores but weren’t required to do so) for many years, most of their scholarship programs and Honors Colleges were not. This has changed for the Class of 2021 and SAT/ACT scores are no longer required for these programs either. Here are some useful links to school-specific information:

    ASU Scholarship Estimator | test scores no longer required

    ASU Barrett Honors College | ”test blind” - will not use scores even if submitted

    NAU Scholarships | test scores never needed for Lumberjack; no longer needed for others.

    NAU Honors College | GPA, essay and resume listed as requirements

    U Arizona Scholarships | test scores removed from chart

    U Arizona Honors College | test scores “not considered”

    For students applying out-of-state, the overwhelming majority of college admission offices and scholarship organizations have also removed their testing requirement. Instead, higher education institutions are sending the following message: if you happen to already have a test score from Spring 2020 that you think is a good representation of your ability, send it. If not, or if you have been unable to test, please do not risk yours or anyone else’s health to take an exam for us.

    As a result, students without test scores will not be penalized, disadvantaged or have additional requirements to complete their applications.  The list of colleges in this category can be found here. Please contact the appropriate admissions office directly if you have questions.

Standardized Tests

  • Our school and district offer a wide variety of standardized tests, many of which are organized and administered through the Corona del Sol Counseling Department. Tests range from the CogAT, which is used for gifted identification, to the SAT and ACT, the traditional senior-level college entrance exams. AIMS Science testing takes place during sophomore year. The PSAT is administered to all freshmen, sophomores and juniors in October, while the ACT will be administered to all juniors in the spring semester for the first time. The Accuplacer, and AP exams are also available to students for assessment, scholarship qualification, dual enrollment, and college credit purposes. If you know of a test but do not see it listed below, Corona may not offer it on our campus. You may still speak with your Counselor to seek further information.

    Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)
    Required: No
    When: Fall of 8th grade, by appointment
    Retakes: None
    Purpose: Gifted identification
    Contents: Verbal, Math, & Abstract
    Registration: TUHSD Honors-Gifted Test Application
    Fee: None
    Scoring: Percentile
    Preparation: None
    Contact: TUHSD Testing Services
    Science AIMS HS
    Who: 9th Graders in Honors Biology,
    plus all 10th graders in Biology & Honors Biology
    When:  Spring of 9th or 10th grade
    Registration:  None
    Fee:  None
    Scoring:  Varied scales for each subtest
    Contact:  Michelle Kozimor

    When:  11th & 12th grade (Saturday mornings)
    Scheduled Dates
    Retakes:  If desired
    Purpose:  University admissions
    Contents:  English, Mathematics, Reading, & Science (Writing is optional)
    Registration:  Online at
    Fee:  $50.50 ($67.00 for writing)
    Scoring:  Composite score of 1-36  Explain
    Preparation:  Available at
    Contact:  Mr. Reese LeReche

    Required:  Only for several Rio Salado dual courses
    When:  Prior to some dual enrollment courses
    Retakes:  One is allowed
    Purpose:  Possible dual enrollment class prerequisite
    Contents:  English or Math (brief online tests)
    Registration:  Arranged by Corona faculty
    Fee:  None
    Scoring:  Varies
    Preparation:  Accuplacer Information
    Contact: Ms. Fleming 
    or Ms. Schmidt 
    Required:  All 9th, 10th and 11th graders
    When:  October - 3rd Wednesday
    Purpose:  Good SAT preparation; National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test for Juniors only
    Contents:  Reading, Writing Skills, & Math
    Registration:  Provided Free through the District
    Contact:  Michelle Kozimor

    Advanced Placement (AP) Exams
    Required:  No
    When:  First two weeks in May  AP Calendar
    Purpose:  Advanced placement in college and/or college credit University Credit Policies
    Contents:  Subjects matching AP courses
    Registration: Will be online. Payment deadline is Nov. 4th. Please pay in the bookstore.
    Fee:  $94.00 per exam
    Scoring: score of 1—5; 3 is considered passing
    Preparation:  On AP Website
    Contact: Ms. Jaimie Schulz

    SAT I & SAT II Subject Tests
    When:  11th & 12th grade (Saturday mornings)
    Scheduled Dates
    Retakes:  If desired
    Purpose:  University admissions
    Contents:  SAT I includes Reading, Math, & Writing;
    SAT II covers numerous specific subjects 
    Registration:  Online at
    Fee:  $49.50 for SAT I ($64.50 with essay)
    Scoring: 200-800 pts per subtest; 400-1600 total SAT
    Preparation:  SAT Prep and/or SAT Subject Tests Prep
    Contact: Mr. Reese LeReche

    CLEP Tests (NOT at Corona)
    Required:  No
    When:  By appointment at the test center
    Retakes:  Not within 6 months
    Purpose:  College credit for prior knowledge  Subjects
    Contents:  34 exams in various areas
    Registration:  At
    Fee:  $85.00 per exam
    Scoring:  Score of 20-80; passing score varies by subject
    Preparation:  At