Standardized Tests

  • Our school and district offer a wide variety of standardized tests, many of which are organized and administered through the Corona del Sol Counseling Department. Tests range from the CogAT, which is used for freshman Honors placement as well as gifted identification, to the SAT and ACT, the traditional senior-level college entrance exams. Mandatory Stanford 10 testing takes place during freshman year, while the AIMS test, no longer required for graduation for Classes of 2016 and older, is administered to sophomores on up until the student meets all required state standards. Optional PSAT/NMSQT, Accuplacer, and AP exams are also available to students for assessment, scholarship qualification, dual enrollment, and college credit purposes. If you know of a test but do not see it listed below, Corona may not offer it on our campus. You may still speak with your guidance counselor to seek further information.

    Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)
    Required: No
    When: Fall of 8th grade, by appointment
    Retakes: None
    Purpose: Gifted identification
    Contents: Verbal, Math, & Abstract
    Registration: TUHSD Honors-Gifted Test Application
    Fee: None
    Scoring: Percentile
    Preparation: None
    Contact: TUHSD Testing Services
    Science AIMS HS
    When:  Spring of 9th or 10th grade
    Registration:  None
    Fee:  None
    Scoring:  Varied scales for each subtest
    Contact:  Michelle Kozimor

    Required: Either ACT or SAT needed for university admission
    When:  11th & 12th grade (Saturday mornings)
    Scheduled Dates
    Retakes:  If desired
    Purpose:  University admissions
    Contents:  English, Mathematics, Reading, & Science (Writing is optional)
    Registration:  Online at
    Fee:  $34.00 (+$15.00 for writing)
    Scoring:  Composite score of 1-36  Explain
    Preparation:  Available at
    Contact:  Ms. Dawn Milovich

    Required:  Only for several Rio Salado dual courses
    When:  Prior to some dual enrollment courses
    Retakes:  One is allowed
    Purpose:  Possible dual enrollment class prerequisite
    Contents:  English or Math (brief online tests)
    Registration:  Arranged by Corona faculty
    Fee:  None
    Scoring:  Varies
    Preparation:  Accuplacer Information
    Contact: Mrs. Johnson, English; Mr. Guess, Math
    Required:  No
    When:  9th-11th grade in October
    Purpose:  Good SAT preparation; National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test for juniors only
    Contents:  Reading, Writing Skills, & Math
    Registration:  Provided Free through the District
    Preparation:  At
    Contact:  Rosemary Cortez or Michelle Kozimor

    Advanced Placement (AP) Exams
    Required:  No
    When:  First two weeks in May  AP Calendar
    Retakes:  If desired
    Purpose:  Advanced placement in college and/or college credit University Credit Policies
    Contents:  Subjects matching AP courses
    Registration:  Register will be online (TBA) and pay in the bookstore in March
    Fee:  $91.00 per exam
    Scoring: score of 1—5; 3 is considered passing
    Preparation:  On AP Website
    Contact:  Mr. Dan Brugger

    SAT I & SAT II Subject Tests
    Required: Either ACT or SAT needed for university admission
    When:  11th & 12th grade (Saturday mornings)
    Scheduled Dates
    Retakes:  If desired
    Purpose:  University admissions
    Contents:  SAT I includes Reading, Math, & Writing;
    SAT II covers numerous specific subjects 
    Registration:  At
    Fee:  $49.00 for SAT I (SAT II varies)
    Scoring:  200-800 pts per subtest; 600-2400 total SAT I
    Preparation:  SAT Prep and/or SAT Subject Tests Prep

    CLEP Tests (NOT at Corona)
    Required:  No
    When:  By appointment at the test center
    Retakes:  Not within 6 months
    Purpose:  College credit for prior knowledge  Subjects
    Contents:  34 exams in various areas
    Registration:  At
    Fee:  $77.00 per exam
    Scoring:  Score of 20-80; passing score varies by subject
    Preparation:  At