Corona del Sol Library Policies

  • About the Library Media Center

    The Corona del Sol Library Media Center is the school’s largest and most comprehensive classroom where students learn and apply the most important skills necessary to their education--21st-century information literacy skills. Guided by certified teacher-librarians, students learn to access, evaluate, and use the information to meet their academic and co-curricular needs.

    Hours of Operation

    Open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday 

    • May be closed at lunch if classes are scheduled during that period (4th or 5th)
    • May be closed during assemblies, staff meetings, AP/state testing days.

    Checking Out Materials

    • A current CdS ID is required.
    • Students are limited to five (5) items; students may not check out audiovisual items (CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs) intended for teacher use.
    • Students will be assessed an overdue fine of 5 cents per day (maximum fine of $5.00) and maybe restricted from checking out additional items until overdue fines are resolved.
    • Students must pay for lost or damaged items. 

    Library Computers

    • The current CdS ID is required for use.
    • TUHSD Technology Use Agreement, signed by student and parent/guardian, must be on file to use the computers.
    • The main use of library computers is for academic research and/or class-related activities. Students may access their email accounts, but may not play computer games.
    • Staff members reserve the right to ask users to relinquish computers as warranted, especially if a student is in violation of the TUHSD Technology Use Agreement.

    Expected Behavior in the CdS Library

    • The Corona del Sol Library rules are designed to protect the rights and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors as they relate to the proper use of the library. Library rules of behavior are enforced in accordance with the Corona del Sol Student Code of Conduct as outlined in this handbook.
    • Users must refrain from engaging in any behavior that interferes with the normal use and operation of the library or which disrupts the concentration of other patrons.
    • Food (including candy) and drink are not allowed in the library except by staff in designated areas and at special library-scheduled events.
    • The use of electronic communication and entertainment devices is discouraged when it is deemed distracting; cell phone conversations must be conducted outside the Library in the lobby area. Violation of school rules and/or disrespect for staff, student, or property may result in loss of library privileges, expulsion from the library, and/or referral to administration.

Corona del Sol Library Contacts & Policies