The Meaning of the Crest

    1. 1908 to 2008 - 100 Years:  A century of education.
    2. Tempe High School:  Named for the town of Tempe. It was the first school in the newly established district. 
    3. The Buffalo:  Strength, protection and endurance.  Our school’s mascot.
    4. The Stars:  Each student’s individual talents, dreams, goals and ambitions.
    5. The Shield: Knowledge; one of the few things in life that cannot be lost, misplaced or stolen.
    6. The Rope: The many threads and bonds of friendships and the memories made during our time at Tempe High.   
    7. The Tree:  Our Families. The roots, support and protection they provide for us.
    8. The Laurel Branches and Trophy:  Achievements, awards and accolades.
    9. The Book:  Academic excellence.
    10. The Mill Avenue Bridge.  Represents our community and the many wonderful relationships Tempe High School has enjoyed in the community for 100 years, 
    11. The Torches:  School spirit… Keep it burning!
    12. The Cap and Diploma:  Perseverance for worthwhile long-term goals.
    13. Traditio (latin):  Meaning tradition and custom and representing the rich legacy and proud history we all share in by being a part of Tempe High School.
    14. Honos (latin):  Meaning honor, decorum, dignity, deeds and virtue.  These are values that Tempe High School Students are expected to practice and exhibit at all times, on and off campus.  They are, collectively, the cornerstone of true respect.
    15. Proventus (latin): Meaning outcome, result, and success.  It represents our systematic acquisition and mastery of knowledge and skills. It is our ability to successfully use what we learn.