Tempe High Letter Logo

The Meaning of the Crest Logo

  • crest  
    1. 1908 to 2008 - 100 Years:  A century of education.
    2. Tempe High School:  Named for the town of Tempe. It was the first school in the newly established district. 
    3. The Buffalo:  Strength, protection, and endurance.  Our school’s mascot.
    4. The Stars:  Each student’s individual talents, dreams, goals, and ambitions.
    5. The Shield: Knowledge; one of the few things in life that cannot be lost, misplaced or stolen.
    6. The Rope: The many threads and bonds of friendships and the memories made during our time at Tempe High.   
    7. The Tree:  Our Families. The roots, support, and protection they provide for us.
    8. The Laurel Branches and Trophy:  Achievements, awards, and accolades.
    9. The Book:  Academic excellence.
    10. The Mill Avenue Bridge.  Represents our community and the many wonderful relationships Tempe High School has enjoyed in the community for 100 years, 
    11. The Torches:  School spirit… Keep it burning!
    12. The Cap and Diploma:  Perseverance for worthwhile long-term goals.
    13. Traditio (Latin):  Meaning tradition and custom and representing the rich legacy and proud history we all share by being a part of Tempe High School.
    14. Honos (Latin):  Meaning honor, decorum, dignity, deeds, and virtue.  These are values that Tempe High School Students are expected to practice and exhibit at all times, on and off-campus.  They are, collectively, the cornerstone of true respect.
    15. Proventus (Latin): Meaning outcome, result, and success.  It represents our systematic acquisition and mastery of knowledge and skills. It is our ability to successfully use what we learn.