Business Partnerships

  • Tempe Union High School District is taking our I’M [IN] campaign one step further to build relationships between businesses and the schools.

    I’M [IN]CORPORATED campaign will bring businesses and schools together to enhance the quality of education in the District. Building partnerships with business leaders provide opportunities for students in deciding their future and their college and/or career paths.

    Tempe Union High School District aims to connect schools with businesses to give students an up-close preview of the job market and how the knowledge, problem-solving and relationship skills they learn in school apply in the workplace. The Career and Technical Education, (CTE) programs offered at TUHSD are an example of how students develop career and academic potential for workforce success and continuous learning. Whether it’s through job shadowing, internships or career exploration days, businesses are invited to [IN]CORPORATE in the education and training of tomorrow's workforce.

    Tempe Union High School District [IN]VITES businesses, large and small, to participate so they can proudly say “I'M [IN]CORPORATED in the future of Tempe Union”. The more business and education work together, the better each of our needs become known and we can [IN]VEST in the future of our community.

Business Partnership Contact