Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council

  • Each school year, The Tempe Union High School District Superintendent convenes a Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (SSAC). These student leaders serve as representatives for each of TUHSD’s seven high schools. They are recommended by school administrators. The students must be in good standing academically and able to accept the responsibility of serving as liaisons for the students on their campuses and to attend regular meetings with the Superintendent.

    The Council members ask questions, share ideas and discuss issues that come from their campuses, and then they work collaboratively to provide solutions. Some areas the SSAC has addressed in the past are bullying, graduation requirements, improved student/teacher relationships, and substance abuse. The students have also had the opportunity to engage with the community on variety of topics. For example, SSAC members met with Tempe Police to discuss the perceptions teenagers and officers have of each other in light of high profile events in other communities.  In addition the Council has met with eighth grade parents to provide information on what the high school transition might be like for their children and to share advice on how to get the most out of the high school experience.