Graduation Requirements

  • Graduation Requirements

    For the Graduating Class of 2013 and beyond, participants in the graduation ceremonies must meet all of the following graduation requirements:

    • 4 credits English (AZ state proficiency required)
    • 4 credits Mathematics (AZ state proficiency required)
    • 3 credits Science (1 physical science, 1 life science) 
    • 2 credits Fine Arts/Practical Arts/Vocational Education
    • 1 credit World History and Geography
    • 1 credit American/Arizona History
    • 1 credit Physical Education*
    • 0.5 credit Free Enterprise**/Economics
    • 0.5 credit American/Arizona Government
    • 0.5 credit Health
    • 5.5 credits Electives
    *Student graduating from Compadre Academy may have the Physical Education requirement waived.  If waived, the Physical Education courses are replaced with elective courses.
    **Entrepreneurship is the course provided at Compadre Academy to satisfy the Free Enterprise requirement.

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