Graduation Details for Seniors:

  • Graduation Items:
    Including Cap and Gown, Announcements, Tassels, etc.
    Contact Jostens at:
    21023 North Cave Creek Road, Suite No. 1
    Phoenix, AZ 85024 
    (480) 756-0555 
    Orders are available for pick up by seniors on March 19th and May 7th during both lunch periods in the auditorium lobby.
    Graduation Contract (Due 5/3/2019):  Download/Print
    Baccalaureate Ceremony

    Will be held on Sunday May 19th, 2019 in the auditorium. Graduating Seniors and their families are invited to attend; caps and gowns are required for the graduates.

    raduation Practice

    Will be on Thursday morning at 7:30am, May 23, 2019.  Please check-in the gym lobby.  ALL graduating students who wish to participate in the ceremony MUST attend this practice.

    ommencement Exercises

    Scheduled for the Class of 2019 on Thursday, May 23, 2019.   Graduates should arrive no later than 6:00 p.m. and meet in the gymnasium and check in with your assigned staff/teacher.  The ceremony will be held on the Karl Kiefer football stadium at 7:00pm.  Tickets are not required.  Traffic will be heavy, so plan accordingly for parking and drop off in the front.  In an effort to maintain a dignified and expedient graduation ceremony, Mountain Pointe has adopted the following guidelines for acceptable attire and appropriate behavior. Please discuss these guidelines with your Senior son and/or daughter.

    cceptable Attire:

    • Dress attire such as slacks, skirts, dresses, ties, dress shirts, dress socks and dress shoes must be worn.
    • No shorts, jeans, cargo pants, pajamas/loungewear, workout wear, overalls, or casual shoes (i.e., “flip-flops,” slippers, or athletic shoes) will be permitted. Pointed heels are not recommended since the graduates will be walking on soft grass.
    • Sashes, chords and other designations from organizations outside of MPHS may not be worn.


    • All purses, bags and electronic devices are NOT ALLOWED.

         (A cell phone is permitted as long as it stored during the ceremony.)

    • Mortarboards/Caps MUST be worn appropriately; style hair accordingly. NO writing, decorations, or attachments of any kind are permitted on the cap or the graduation gown (except the tassel or school sanctioned collars).
    • Face painting (or writing/marking on any visible portion of the face or body) and sunglasses are prohibited.
    • Parcels, packages, electronic devices (including but not limited to headphones, earbuds, camcorders, drones, portable speakers, cameras, or extraneous items (such as but not limited to Silly String, beach balls, golf balls, confetti, streamers, balloons, horns, or whistles) are NOT ALLOWED.


    Appropriate Behavior

    • Punctuality: Graduates who are late for lineup WILL NOT MARCH.
    • Appropriate Conduct: If a MPHS staff member at the check-in area determines that a graduate’s conduct, physical condition, and/or appearance are such that it could be disruptive to the ceremony, that student WILL NOT MARCH.
    • Safety: Students under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not march/walk in the ceremony.
    • Accountability: Graduates who disturb the ceremony in any way will be removed from the ceremony immediately and WILL NOT receive a diploma with the rest of the graduates. Diplomas may be obtained the following week from the Registrar’s Office after conferring with an Administrator.
    • SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS AND GUESTS: In order to maintain the dignity of the ceremony, please refrain from using noisemaking devices and/or excessive cheering while graduates’ names are being read.



    • Pay Bookstore for outstanding fees
    • Review Grad Night information and sign up if planning to attend
    • Reserve Handicap seating for any guests that might be attending ceremony
    • Acknowledge that my diploma will be pulled if not checked in at 6:45pm day of ceremony
    • Ensure photographer has contact information for graduation pictures
    • Acknowledge sashes, chords from outside organizations may NOT be worn
    • Signed contract by student and parent returned to teacher or front office by 5/3/19

Graduation Credit Requirements

  • Credit Requirements

    Planning your four years at Mountain Pointe is easy when you refer to the chart below. First, determine whether your future plans include community college, an in-state public university, an ultimate university (i.e., the Ivy League schools), or somewhere in between. Then, plan to take at least the minimum course of study in each academic area. All students must meet the requirements in the left column in order to graduate. If in doubt, it is always a good idea to aim high and keep all doors open. When you decide later, you will be well-prepared for whichever path you choose.


    High School Graduation/
     Community College

    In-State University
     Entrance Requirements

    Ultimate University

    NCAA Divisions 1 & 2
    Athletic Eligibility
    (ALL earned in high school)


    4 credits

    4 credits

    4 credits
    and literature)

    D1:  4 credits
    D2:  3 credits


    (Algebra; Geom;
    Alg 3-4; 1 additional)

    (Algebra;  Geom;
    Alg 3-4; Pre-Calc+)

    (college prep mathematics)

    D1:  3 credits
    D2:  2 credits
    (all at Algebra or higher)


    (1 physical; 1 life; 
    1 additional)

    (1 physical; 1 life; 
    1 integ/physical)

    (include chemistry and physics)

    2 credits


    (World History/Geog;
    US/AZ History;
    US Gov; Economics)

    (US History;
    1 additional)


    2 credits



    (same language)

    (same language)

    (see below)

    Fine Art/
    CTE (VE)


    (Fine Art)

    (Fine Art)


    Fine Art/
    CTE (VE)/
    Pract Art





    Phys Ed





    Health Ed












    16 Core Competency Courses





    Plus any one of:
    - top 25% rank in class
    - 3.0 cumulative GPA
    - 1040 SAT (CR+M)
    - 22 ACT (Composite)

    Requirements Vary:
    Check specifics for your universities of interest

    ADD 1 cr core English/Math/Sci
    AND 4 cr any other core classes

    ADD 3 cr core English/Math/Sci
    AND 4 cr any other core classes


    For more information, visit:

    No more than one credit earned as an administrative assistant will be counted among the credits required for graduation. Students MUST obtain approval from the Registrar and complete and submit an Alternative Credit form (from the Guidance Office) prior to enrolling in outside online or correspondence course programs. To obtain core credit for courses taken in these off-campus programs, students may be required to take district tests before credit will be given. All official transcripts must be submitted to and verified by the Registrar’s Office by May 1st of each year.

    Progress Reports and Report Cards

    Mountain Pointe High School evaluates student progress every nine weeks. A report card will be mailed home. In addition, a progress report will be mailed home midway through the nine-week period. 

    Final Exams

    All students must take final examinations. No early finals will be administered. Students who receive an “unexcused” absence on final exam day will receive a “0” and not be allowed to make up the exam. Students who are absent on a final’s day should contact their administrator to set up makeup exams. Any exam that does not get made up in the allowed time will be changed to an F.