Desert Vista Fight Song

  • Cheer! Cheer! For DVHS!

    We all know the Thunder is best!

    As a team we’ll work and strive,

    Showing our talent, focus and drive.

    Shake the Thunder from the sky,

    Desert Vista stands on high.

    Noble Thunder strong and bold,

    Victory for Blue and Gold!


Alma Mater

  • A vision of excellence,

    a life of magnificence.

    When we hear the thunder roll,

    we will tremble in our soul.

    When we see the lightening flash,

    our hopes and dreams are never dashed.

    Desert Vista Thunder roll, roll, roll.


    Life’s what we make it.

    learning, we’ll not forsake it.

    When we climb up to the clouds,

    we’ll look back and be so proud.

    When we grab the golden ring,

    we will fight and we will sing.

    Desert Vista Thunder roll, roll,

    Thunder roll.