Dance Pathway/Strand



    The Dance Strand is designed to introduce, develop and improve the basic fundamentals of dance technique, strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Dance is a contemporary art form concerned with the communication of ideas or feelings through movement and is intended for the student who is interested in dance as a form of expression and as a way to stay physically and mentally fit.Emphasis is also given to proper health and nutrition and obtaining habits of a healthy lifestyle early in life.

    Dance Performance Emphasis

    Course of Study (6 credits)
    • Freshman:
      • Beginning Dance 1-2 (FA/PE12) or Intermediate Dance 3-4 (FA/PE13)
    • Sophomore
      • Intermediate Dance 3-4 (FA/PE13) or Advanced Dance 5-6 (FA/PE14)
    • Junior:
      • Advanced Dance 5-6 (FA/PE14) or Dance Performance 7-8 (FA/PE19)
    • Senior:
      • Advanced Dance 5-6 (FA/PE14) or Dance Performance 7-8 (FA/PE19)
      • and any other Performing Arts Course in the Vocal, Instrumental or Theatre Strands 
    *Additional requirements to earn AVPA Diploma in any emphasis:
    • Perform in a minimum of eight dance concerts (two per year)
    • Choreograph two full company pieces, including costume design, lighting and staging
    • Perform a senior solo piece for a panel of judges