reading strategies

  • Reading strategies is a wonderful support class that will help a student succeed at their classes at Tempe High School. A student may have to test in/out of this class using assessment(s). This class will count as one of the required electives for graduation. It is a course created to enhance the reading level of the student.  A better reader complements an improved writer.  Reading strategies supports the student in their English class.
    This course uses Read 180 computer based software that has been highly researched and recognized as successful in obtaining results when students participated in the program regularly. Read 180 incorporates video clips, audio presentations, sight words, spelling challenges, reading passages to foster growth.  The reading strategies class will use some of the content and concepts to further develop their skills.  Soon, we will be updating to Next Generation of Read 180 and System 44 software where students will be able to use it on their home devices.  A notice will be sent home when that transition takes place.
    The following concepts are taught in reading strategies:  main idea and details, sequence of events, story elements, summarizing, problem and solution, cause and effect, compare and contrast, and making inferences. Students are encouraged to examine various chapter books, articles, informational text, independent readers, and classroom read alouds to improve their fluency, comprehension, and analysis.
    Students will also work on their writing skills while improving their vocabulary too. Students are expected to improve at prewriting, editing, and the overall writing process.  The business letter format and MLA style will be covered.  Ideas, organization, sentence fluency, word choice, conventions, and voice will be areas the students are expected to develop in class.