Desert Vista Math Department

  • We are proud of our students, and proud of the world-class mathematics education we provide for them!

    Highlights about our mathematics program...
    • We offer many advanced math courses:
      • 3 Math AP Courses: AP Stats, AP Computer Programming 3-4 and AP Calculus BC.
      • 9 Math Honors Courses: Geometry, Algebra 3-4, Finite Math, Brief Calculus, Calculus III, Differential Equations, Computer Programming 1-2 and Computer Programming 5-6.
      • 12 Dual-Enrollment Courses for college credit: Pre-Calculus, Finite Math, Brief Calculus, AP Calculus, Calculus III, Differential Equations, Advanced Math Seminar, AP Stats, Linear Algebra, Computer Programming 1-2, AP Computer Programming 3-4 and Computer Programming 5-6.
      • Linear Algebra, a 200 level university math course.
    • In 2015 and 2016 we had a student score high enough on the American Math Contest, and following American Invitational Mathematics Exam, to qualify for the following Math Olympiad competition (one step away from being on the U.S. Mathematics Olympics team).
    • On the required AIMS Math Test for graduation, the sophomores in the spring of 2010 were 2nd in the state with 90% meeting standards and 60% exceeding standards.
    • On the 2010 American Math Contest, Desert Vista High School finished 2nd in the state.
    • On the 2010 State Math Contest, Desert Vista High School had 12 students in the top 50.
    • At the 2010 ASU Teams Competition, Desert Vista High School's Varsity team finished 1st in the state and 4th in the nation!
    • Over the past 12 years, 119 students scored a perfect 800 SAT Math score.
    • For the mathematically challenged—special help is available from math teachers who are professionally trained to work with students at all levels; computer based Algebra 1-2 and AIMS prep classes are offered for different learning and teaching styles, as well as a great math summer school program.
    • There are 20 quality math teachers in the math department with over 300 years of combined math teaching experience (~16 per teacher). 12 of our math teachers have Masters degrees and one has a Doctorate.
    Here are some of the reasons for the success of the Desert Vista math program:
    • The Desert Vista culture of success - Our students, families, teachers and administration continue to set the bar high and achieve to those goals. Our students are among the best in the nation, and we continually strive to keep our students challenged and successful.
    • Hiring expert math teachers, who know the math, and who can teach anyone math.
    • 19 teacher-ask any teacher-math help in C114 from 7:00-8:30 AM and 3:00-4:00 PM (helped over 9000 students per year each of last 16 years)
    • Excellent and responsive parent-teacher communication via teacher webpages, emails and phone call.
    • Strict homework and attendance policies.
    • Encouraging students to take honors level classes. Desert Vista has one of the highest percentages of students taking honors classes in the state.
    • Honors textbook in all geometry classes
    • Promoting that algebra 1-2 should be taken by all 8th graders
    • Successful elimination of gender math gap
    • Successful elimination of ethnicity math gap
    • Summer school / 4,5,6,7,8 Summer Math Academy

Math Department Contact

  • Jeff Baluch

    Math Department Lead

    480-706-7900 Ext. 70550

The 800 Club

  • The following students have all received a perfect score of 800 on the math portion of the SAT,
    PSAT, or SAT II exam. Congratulations to all these students and their math teachers that helped them achieve this amazing result!

    Note: If you have an 800 math score on the SAT and you are not listed, please bring proof of
    your score to the math office and we'll be happy to add your name to the 800 Club! 

    View The 800 Club here.