Financial Aid Guide

  • Financial Aid and FAFSA Information

    Tip 1: Attend Financial Aid presentations as a senior.  This will help answer any questions you have.

    Tip 2: Apply for a student FSA ID and a parent FSA ID before October 1st.  FSA ID


    Tip 3: Don’t Get Scammed: There are plenty of free sources of information. Beware of paying for a search or "guaranteed" scholarships.

    Tip 4:  After you have applied to the post-secondary institutions of your choice, apply for the FAFSA (FREE Application for Federal Student Aid)

    Tip 5: Once you have determined the college you will attend, accept your FAFSA package that you have been awarded.  If you have questions, reach out the Financial Aid office at the college.

    Tip 6: Start Early: Some financial aid is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. You can complete the FAFSA in October, giving you time to fill out the detailed form and be one of the first to submit in early October.

    Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I want to go to a community college or technical school?

    Community colleges and technical schools offer scholarships, grants and financial aid. Many scholarships can be used at these types of schools, and some are specifically for them.
    What about contests and programs that don’t give money awards. Are they important?

    Yes! Honors, internships, conferences, contests and selective programs offer you the chance to get an edge on scholarships. They look great on a resume and they could make the difference in getting you a scholarship or acceptance to the school of your choice.

    Are scholarships the only kind of aid?

    No! Financial aid can come in many forms. In addition to scholarships, look into grants, loans, and college work-study.

    Where can I look for scholarships and financial aid?

    Talk to your high school counselor about all the information available in your school counseling department. Use the scholarship list in Naviance often, because new opportunities are added year round. 

    Financial Aid Presentations

    Financial Aid Presentation