All students will have a complete career education plan that is managed in partnership with students, parents and counselors.


    1.  Track academic goals by completing an interest inventory and matching to career options.
    2.  Use Canvas and the Arizona Career Information System to design a four-year plan.

    Counselors present in the Computer Applications classes.

    All students who are not in a Computer Applications class will be completing The Career Action Plan (ECAP) Module in their Freshman Guidance course in Canvas.

    Students in a Fine Arts class will be instructed when to complete this by their Fine Arts teacher and counselors will meet with them to review their plans during their Fine Arts class.


    1. Create a resume with information about involvement in clubs or organizations; athletics; volunteer activities; work experience, internships, or job shadowing; leadership positions; and other activities.
    2. Update four-year plan.
    3. Skills confidence assessment 
    Completed During Registration for Junior Year

    The Activities will be Posted in Canvas in the Junior Guidance Course.


    1.  Expand resume, explore college and university entrance as it relates to skills, interests, careers, academic performance, and extracurricular involvement.

    2.  Search scholarship opportunities

    Completed During Registration for Senior Year