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    The View is the student news entity of Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, Arizona. As consumption of media changes, so does our campus news. You can see the read the View online in two places - for all things Thunder and special niche magazines of The View on

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    The View serves approximately 3,000 teens, 200 teachers and staff, and countless other parents and community members in Ahwatukee, a suburb just south of Phoenix, Arizona.

    The View Newspaper and Thunder Media offers print and online advertising that will help your business or organization reach the thousands of people who make up the Desert Vista community of students, staff and parents. Please read on for more information about our products and our audience, and consider the possibilities for your business!



    The View will publish multiple online copies of our issues to students, staff and parents. 

    Printed issues will feature a full-color View cover and back. Our pages contain stories, teasers, photos, short vignettes and other items designed to draw readers to our website and our digital publication. 

    Issues are distributed (as available) quarterly in November,  February, March, and May. 

    As an advertiser, you can choose from a variety of ad sizes.  You can pick which months you’d like your ad to appear, or you can earn a discount by advertising in multiple issues. 

    Contact Mrs. Coro, for more details about advertising in our publications. 



    Our website, offers news, feature, sports and entertainment stories written by Thunder Media staff members, as well as photos from a wide variety of Desert Vista activities and community events.  Our site also provides one-stop shopping for other DV and district information by including links to the Athletic Department, Thunder Sports Schedules, Thunder Bands, DV’s Choirs and Orchestras.  In addition, we provide links to the TUHSD Schools website and other media outlets.

    Our extensive and diverse content makes a popular destination for students, staff, parents and others in the community.

    We offer three advertising spaces on website site.  For the rates listed on our contract,  (coming soon) a business can be the exclusive advertiser in one of these spots for particular months, or get a 10 percent discount for being the exclusive advertiser for the entire year.  (Please note that for pricing purposes, we treat the months of June, July and August as a single month — what a deal!)

    For a reduced price, an advertiser can elect to put his/her ad into a rotation in a particular spot. Depending upon the number of ads scheduled for a single spot, different users will see different ads. Refreshing the page or clicking to a new page also will serve up a different ad if there’s one scheduled for that spot.

    THUNDER MEDIA Ad Dimensions: 

    • Top Banner Ad   W 468 pixels X  H 60 pixels
    • Left Side Ad  W 160 pixels X H 600 pixels
    • Bottom Right Side Ad 300 pixels X H 250

    *Dimensions may or may not be exact, unless specifically specified by customer.

** Prices are subject to change.
*** Inserts must be received at least 3 days prior to publication. The inserts will not be modified or designed by The View staff, and must be provided by the client and must have a quantity of at least 2000.

    For more information or to check on available ad space, please contact Adviser Brian Banach at or 480.706.7900. We can also arrange for a Thunder Media staff member to visit you at your business.

    The View belongs to the Arizona Interscholastic Press Association and the National Scholastic Press Association.