The Storm Yearbook

  • You wouldn’t know by the looks of our young and energetic staff, but the Storm Yearbook is one of the oldest student-run publications on campus, dating back to DVHS' first year in 1996! And we’re committed to preserving DVHS' rich history and tradition for the many years to come. 

    Yearbook consists of a very enthusiastic and diverse group of students. We work hard every day of the year from the C-223 Computer Lab to bring you one of the best student publications in the country – Storm Yearbook! 

    Our team is divided into two staffs, each with its own set of responsibilities and goals. We offer training in each of our staffs and take applicants during the spring semester. If you’re interested in joining any of the following staffs and have a passion for excellence and creativity, we encourage you to apply in the Spring semester!
    Classroom:  C-223  *   Phone: (480) 706-7900 ext. 70512  *    email:

    Want to place a Senior Ad in the 2019-2020 Yearbook? Click Here!

    Our mission is to create publications for students, about students, with help from students. We want to involve you in the decision-making and include you in the experience. After all, it’s your book, your newspaper and your website. We just make it.

    Our process is to brainstorm, conduct research, read, look, listen, ask, explore and do everything possible to bring our school the best possible yearbook. We ask what you want and we try to deliver. We submit the book 100 percent digitally and our printing company, Jostens, prints it. We like chronological coverage, interactivity, alternative story forms and getting students into the book as many times as possible. We like to be journalistic and to develop our concept in innovative ways. We know our readers don’t really care about those last two parts, but we do.

    Room C-223 is a fun place. From theme parties and crazy amounts of food to deadline stress and Post-It notes, it’s a great place to be part of something big.

    Students interested in yearbook start with Digital Communications 1-2. It’s an elective class for technology credit in the CTE Communication Media Technology department. You can take this at any grade level, and you’ll learn a little bit about interviewing, reporting, design, photography, concept, coverage and how yearbook works. You’ll get to contribute to the book and decide whether to apply for a position on staff the following year.

    Digital Communications 3-8 is publications class, and the staff is usually comprised of 30 students in grades 10-12. Sometimes students have special circumstances that enable them to go directly to yearbook without taking Digi-Comm 1 (Did you take photo? graphic comm?), so if you think you have sufficient background and you’re ready for the advanced publications class, please contact Mrs. Cunningham.

    What do we do, exactly? Well, it’s a lot of work. We won’t lie. But it’s also a lot of fun and something to remember forever. Here’s some of what we do:

    • report on things happening at DVHS and in students’ lives outside of school
    • conduct interviews, polls, surveys and market research
    • shoot digital photos video too
    • use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere and Adobe InDesign
    • create and implement marketing and sales plans
    • handle advertisements and design business ads
    • write stories, headlines, captions and alternative copy forms
    • edit pages for consistency and style
    • produce Storm yearbook, View Newspaper, social media and

    And we also:

    • attend local, state and national journalism conferences and yearbook workshops
    • eat, play, laugh and much more!

Senior Photos Q & A

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  • Q. Who is the only official DVHS senior photographer?

  • Q. Where are the studios?

  • Q. Why do we all go to one photographer?

  • Q. When do I have my portrait taken?

  • Q. What should I bring to my photo session?

  • Q. Wait, what if I have more questions?