Student Parking

  • Parking is available in the student lot for Juniors and Seniors only. All cars must be registered with the Bookstore and display a current parking sticker on the inside lower left side of the windshield to park in the student parking lot. The cost for a parking sticker is $50  for the year. Please check with the Athletics Office for more information.
    Students park at their own risk in the student parking lot located on the South East corner of the campus. If a student's parking privileges are revoked the student waives the right to his fees that have been paid.
    The interior of student vehicles may be inspected whenever a school authority has reason to believe that illegal or unauthorized materials may be contained inside the vehicle. Such patrols and inspections may be conducted without notice and without student consent.
    If an administrator has reasonable suspicion that a search may yield illegal or unauthorized materials, a student's vehicle may be searched and such findings shall be turned over to the proper legal authorities for ultimate disposition.
    Students are expected:

    • To park in the designated area    
    • To drive carefully at all times
    • To not loiter in their vehicle after arriving at school

    Failure to do so shall be considered a disciplinary violation and the student may lose his/her parking privileges and/or be suspended from school.
    Warning! Students parking in the Faculty parking lots shall lose their parking privileges for one semester.

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