• The following are questions frequently asked by parents of TUHSD students.

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    How do I check my "Student Center"?
    • Go to: my.maricopa.edu
    • Click on "log in" 
    • Enter your MEID (username and password)

    How do I check to see if I am registered for the correct classes/sections?
    • Log in to your "Student Center" using your MEID and password.
    • Your classes should be listed on the opening page. 
    • Double check to make sure the correct classes and sections are listed.

    How do I add or drop a dual enrollment class?
    • If you need to add or drop a dual enrollment class, you must complete a "Drop/Add Card". Come to the Counseling Office before or after school to obtain a card (Some of the dual teachers and departments also have Drop/Add cards.)
    • Return the completed and signed card to the Counseling Office.
    • Please note: If you are enrolled in an incorrect section or class, you must complete a Drop/Add card to correct the enrollment.

    Am I entitled to a refund if I drop a class?
    • If you officially drop a class prior to the refund deadline, you may be eligible for a refund.
    • You will need to contact the Cashier's Office at (480) 517-8334 to request the refund.
    • Please refer to the "Important Dates and Deadlines" section of the Rio Dual Enrollment Information page to see if you are eligible.

    Do I need to take a placement test?

    Yes. Every spring Corona del Sol offers students an opportunity to take placement tests for the following school year.

    Are placement tests offered at Corona Del Sol?
    • All Algebra 3-4 students typically take the "College Algebra" placement test.
    • Juniors who intend to take Advanced Composition for dual credit in their Senior Year take the "Sentence Skills" placement test.
    • All freshmen who intend to take foreign language or another dual course in their sophomore year take the "Reading" placement test.
    • Any sophomores or transfer students who have not taken the AZ AIMS reading test must take the "Reading" placement test. (If students have taken the PSAT, they may submit a copy of their composite PSAT score to satisfy the reading requirement.)

    Does my placement test score meet the minimum pre-requisite score?

    Prerequisite Scores pdf

    Do my Dual Enrollment credits transfer to colleges/universities?
    • Dual Enrollment credits generally transfer with ease to Arizona's three public Universities. Please check the Course Equivalency Link in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section to see how the community college courses transfer within AZ.
    • If you are planning on attending a private university or an out-of-state university, please check with that institution to see how credits transfer.

    Course Equivalency Guide

    Course Equivalency Guide

    How do I send my transcripts to another college or university?
    • Go to your "Student Center" at my.maricopa.edu.
    • Use your MEID and password to log in.
    • In the "Academics" section of your Student Center, click the white drop-down menu.
    • Select "Official Transcript" or "Unofficial Transcript," and click the arrow.
    • Follow the directions on screen to complete the process.
    • Transcripts within the Maricopa Community College District are free; transcripts sent outside the Community College District cost $5 each.