Clubs at Corona del Sol

  • Joining and sticking with at least two extracurricular activities will make your Corona del Sol experience all the better as you find your own individuality and strengths. You wake up every morning to expand your knowledge for the future but it is easy to lose motivation without the fun of being involved.


    Ready to start a club?

    To start a new club, there must be 10 students interested in becoming members. Students must find a teacher who would like to sponsor their club. The teacher will then fill out the appropriate paperwork and submit it to the Activities Office by mid September for approval from the Assistant Principal of Activities, as well as Student Council. Corona del Sol High School strives to foster a positive, comprehensive academic and co-curricular environment in which excellence and ethics are cornerstones of success. The CdS team is committed to providing each student with an exceptional, diverse, and comprehensive high school experience.

Club Meeting Times & Information