Employee Benefits

  • Today, more than ever, employee benefits represent an integral part of your total compensation.

    Tempe Union High School District offers an excellent benefits plan which provides our employees a medical plan, income protection in the event you become disabled, cash accumulation for your retirement years and a host of other competitive benefit plans and policies. We offer the following benefits (eligibility requirements apply):

    • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance
    • Vacation & Leaves
    • Retirement Benefits
    • Workers' Compensation
    • Life & Disability Insurance
    • Flexible Spending Accounts
    • Miscellaneous Services

    Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance

    Major Medical Plan

    The District's major medical plan provider is Banner/Aetna. Banner/Aetna provides in-network and out-of-network benefits to all benefit-eligible employees. The District pays 100% of the eligible employee premiums.
    Employees are eligible for benefits if they are generally a full-time employee with 30 hours or more per week and/or comply with ACA regulations.
    Benefits begin the first of the month following 30 days in a benefit-eligible position.

    Voluntary Dental Care Plans

    Benefit-eligible employees may enroll in an indemnity dental plan with Delta Dental of Arizona or a pre-paid dental plan with UHC HMO Dental. These are voluntary plans and the District does not pay any employee or dependent premiums.

    Voluntary Vision Care Plan

    Davis Vision

    This is a voluntary plan and the District does not pay any employee or dependent premiums.

    Vacation & Leaves


    If eligible, Administrators and Classified Directors, contracted for 12 months will receive 23 days of vacation annually. Regular 12-month employees, if eligible, are entitled to two weeks paid vacation per year through the first five years of employment. During the sixth year of employment, 12-month employees begin to earn three weeks of vacation per year. After 10 years of continuous employment, these employees begin to earn four weeks of vacation per year.
    Holidays are established by the school calendar.


    Full-time eligible employees may qualify for a variety of leaves, including general leave, jury duty, military, family and medical, parental, and absences for other cases in accordance with District Policies and Procedures. Certified staff may also qualify for professional leave, sabbatical, in-service leave, and job-sharing leave.

    Retirement Benefits

    If eligible, regular employees working 20 hours or more per week must participate in the Arizona State Retirement System. The retirement benefit an employee receives depends on the number of years and months for which the employee receives retirement credit. Employees receive credit by making mandatory contributions to the plan. For additional information regarding benefits with the Arizona State Retirement System, log on to their website at www.azasrs.gov.

    Eligible employees may also set aside additional earnings (non-matched) for retirement through a 403(b), 403(b) Roth, 457(b), and/or a 457(b) Roth plan. Contribution maximums are limited by the IRS. For more information contact the AIG/VALIC Representative:

    Workers' Compensation

    Employees are automatically covered by Workers' Compensation insurance through the District's current workers' compensation carrier. If an employee is injured in an accident arising out of and in the course of his/her employment, he/she is entitled to medical coverage and/or compensation.

    Life & Disability Insurance

    The District provides life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. If benefit eligible, employees are entitled to $50,000 term life and $50,000 AD&D.

    Income Continuation

    The District provides eligible employees with a short-term disability plan that pays 66-2/3 % of an employee’s monthly salary after he/she has satisfied the required waiting period. The coverage period is for 13 weeks. Long-term disability is provided through an employee’s participation in the Arizona State Retirement System. The long-term disability plan pays 66-2/3% of an employee’s monthly salary after he/she has satisfied the required waiting period. Eligibility requirements apply.

    Flexible Spending Accounts

    IRS laws allow eligible employees to make pre-tax contributions to flexible spending accounts to pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses and/or employment-related dependent/elderly daycare expenses.

    Health Care Account

    Enrolled employees can contribute up to $2,750 on a pre-tax basis every fiscal year and be reimbursed for medical, dental, prescriptions, and vision expenses not paid by insurance. Examples of eligible expenses may include co-pays, deductibles, orthodontia, eyeglasses, and certain over-the-counter medications.

    Dependent Care Account

    Enrolled employees can contribute up to $5000 (per household) on a pre-tax basis every fiscal year and be reimbursed for eligible daycare expenses. Eligible expenses may include qualified daycare centers for children and adults, babysitters, pre-school, and general-purpose day camps while you work.

    Employees determine how much money to contribute to the account, up to specified maximums, based on anticipated expenses during the plan year. Each pay period, a portion of that amount is credited to the flexible spending account. The employee submits claim forms or uses the consumer account card to get reimbursed.

    Miscellaneous Benefits

    • Supplemental and dependent life insurance for employee and his/her eligible dependents - VOYA.
    • COBRA coverage if an employee’s health insurance coverage is terminated for him/her and/or dependents.

Employee Benefits Contacts

  • Lisa Lara
    Employee Benefits Coordinator
    (480) 839-0292 x15041
    Dona Woodward
    Benefits Specialist
    (480) 839-0292 x15035

    All CONFIDENTIAL EMPLOYEE MEDICAL correspondence should be faxed to the Benefits Office at 480-345-3719.