Facility Requests

  • Corona is a great place for activities and events to happen.  We are proud of our facilities and ask that you also take pride in caring for our campus! 

    A Facility Request Form must be completed and turned in to the Activities Office if you intend to use any space on campus. Classrooms also require a facility request if you intend to use it outside of the normal school day. Use the link below to fill out the request form and turn into Activities.

    Approved Facility Requests will be entered into Esite and you will receive an automatic email. Please allow 7 days for processing. 

    FACILITY REQUESTS--Must be completed at least two weeks in advance.  (Submitting a request does not mean you are approved.  We will need to confirm availability prior to approval. )

    Complete the TUHSD Facility Request Form on the TUHSD Facility Use webpage:

    • Be sure to check all boxes that you need (A/C, custodial services, security and check all needed equipment (microphone, projector, chairs, tables, etc.) 
    • Submit to Activities Department 

    Coordinate with Activities department if security, custodial services and/or cash box is needed.  

    • Anytime parents or community members are invited onto campus, please notify the activities department at least 48 hours ahead of time to coordinate with the front desk and security.  This applies to the use of your classroom as well.

    If using the cafeteria, check with the cafeteria manager to see how chairs/tables need to be arranged for the following morning.

    Cleaning Options:

    • Hire a custodian at club/group’s expense
    • Your club or group can clean up after your event.
    • Please note, if the area is not up to standard, you will need to hire a custodian at future events at your expense.


    Facilities are only available for academic and approved club events/activities. Outside organizations may reserve facilities through the district office.


    Classrooms:  Facility requests are necessary to ensure the AC is turned on beyond the normal school day. If you reserve a classroom other than your own, coordinate with that teacher to understand their expectations for the room.

    Be sure to coordinate/confirm your equipment, sound, and lighting needs with the auditorium manager and Cdssupport.  If you'll require assistance during the event, hiring an auditorium manager will be necessary.  You may not operate the sound or lighting on your own without the approval of Activities and Auditorium Manager.
    Athletic Facilities:  In season teams will take precedent over all other requests.  Be sure to coordinate schedules with the athletic department, coaches and/or PE teachers to see if your event may conflict.
    • Avoid placing anything on playing surfaces that may damage or deface the integrity of the space. This includes:
      • No tape on the gym floors.
      • Do not drag tables/chairs or other furniture on gym surfaces.
      • No trucks/cars on fields or on the track.
      • Do not dig, place stakes in, damage grass, etc. on the fields. 
      • NO Food or Drinks are permitted in either gym.