Tax Credit Accounts

  • Some clubs have a secondary account funded by tax-deductible donations made by individuals. See the bookstore to verify your club's Tax Credit Account totals or to get one started. Tax credit accounts are an effective means to receive funding but are subject to stricter rules for spending.   


    Tax Credit Accounts are subject to the same procedures as Student Funds except minutes and voting is not required. The other exception is that Tax Credit money, M&O, Capital, and other auxiliary accounts must use certain vendors that are contracted through the District.  

     List of Acceptable Vendors 

    Acceptable Uses of Tax Credit Funds:
    Tax Credit funds can only be utilized for extracurricular activities that occur outside of the school day. Please remember, you must have a PO in hand before you officially place an order or purchase any item. Submit itemized receipts to the bookstore after every purchase.
    Examples of eligible items:
    • Activities Fees
    • Airfare
    • Bus transportation
    • Choreography
    • Banquet Dinners
    • Instrumentalists
    • Dues
    • General Supplies (not used in classroom)
    • Lodging
    • Meal money
    • Music arrangements
    • Museums (if tied to the club)
    • Newspaper Printing
    • Registration/Tournament Fees
    • Student Travel (food, hotel, entrance fees)
    • Student Awards (trophy, plaque, certificate, medals) not rewards
    • Subscriptions
    • Substitutes (when covering for a club-related absence)
    • Club T-Shirts
    See the bookstore and Activities Office for additional guidance.