• Fundraisers must be submitted and approved 1 week minimum before any sales take place.  Do NOT purchase product or sign any agreements until the fundraiser and PO's are approved.  

    1. Fundraising Approval Form (Submit to Activities)
      1. Please download the form to fill out & complete
    2. Cash Box Request (Complete within 2 days of your fundraiser/event if it requires cash for making change)
      • Fundraisers are approved by the Activities Office to ensure equity and fairness across all clubs.
      • All money collected MUST be deposited to the bookstore daily.
      • All fundraisers held on campus must provide students with an item in exchange for money. Donations may only be collected from students for charitable organizations.
      • Gambling and other games of chance are prohibited for student fundraisers.
      • Joint fundraisers with Booster organizations must deposit funds into the student account proportional to their contribution of labor.  A minimum of 50% must go into the Club account through the bookstore.

    Click Below for Cleared Vendors:

    Current vendors cleared for food trucks, catering, photography, and DJ services.

Fundraising Calendar