Prospective Teachers

  • If you are considering joining the TUHSD community, you might want to know about the staff development opportunities we offer.

    Research shows that when implemented effectively, professional development contributes to enhanced school performance. That message is not lost on TUHSD and, as a matter of fact, supports our District goals dealing with student achievement and highly qualified staff. Therefore, we designed the Staff Development website to be an information depot — one place where you can find anything you need to know about your professional development opportunities and resources. By taking advantage of TUHSD's professional development opportunities, you can earn salary advancement credit and/or recertification credit while you learn techniques and strategies to benefit your students. Obviously, there are lots of good reasons to become a more educated teacher.

    Some of the programs and resources available to teachers include:

    • Technology Integration program
    • Staff Development Coordinator at each school (See contact information on the right side of this page.)
    • Staff Development Library (a professional development collection that contains professional education books and audiovisual items that can be accessed through our online catalog)
    • Workshops (e.g., Technology Integration, Differentiated Instruction, Classroom Management)
    • Read more here about TUHSD's Teaching and Learning Department