Race Equity Education

  • Schools are often expected to aid in resolving social issues. Thus, pushing the matter(s) in the direction of education with the hope that educators and school leaders can somehow fix the problem(s) that plague our society.

    One such issue is race equity. Achieving race equity is the condition where one’s racial identity is not an obstacle to realizing potential, achievement, or hindering social-emotional well-being. Nationwide, race equity work is becoming a fundamental element in fostering equitable outcomes. This approach is inherent in the TUHSD Mission and Core Values & Beliefs: “Excellence in Teaching and Learning”. It is understood that all members of the school community (e.g., certificated employees, support staff, parents, and students) serve critical roles in race equity work.

    Available resources (e.g., webinars, Youtube videos, podcasts, and books) listed here apply a race equity lens with the purpose of assisting the school district to become more knowledgeable, more skilled, and more committed to analyzing race, racism, equity, and inclusion.

    Race Equity Resources for Staff - please click here.