ECAP (Education Career Action Plan)

  • Kuder Navigator

    Marcos de Niza utilizes Kuder Navigator to help implement the ECAP process online. Once an account has been created in the first semester of each student's freshman year, students and parents can access and edit the plan from home. It is a wonderful planning tool!
    To make your student’s ECAP even more effective, please access your son/daughter’s account to view assessment results, four year plan, career searches, college information, etc. Parents or guardians of students that use Kuder® Navigator are provided an account free of charge.
    To create a parent account to view your student’s ECAP information:
    • Log on to
    • Click on new user, select user type: Parent of a student under the age of 18, provide your personal information, create a user name and password
    • You will be able to view your child's Student Portfolio, which contains his/her assessment results, academic plans, and education and career goals to undertake after high school. You'll need your child's unique user name and date of birth to enter that section.
      • Freshmen (class of 2016): user name is first and middle initial, last name, day of birth (example: John Marcos Padre/birthday July 25=jmpadre25)
      • Sophomore (class of 2015): user name is student ID# (i.e. 15300124)
      • Junior (class of 2014): user name is student ID# (i.e. 143105)
      • Senior (class of 2013): user name is first and middle initial, last name, day of birth (example: John Marcos Padre/birthday July 25=jmpadre25)

    From the Arizona Department of Education

    An ECAP (Education and Career Action Plan) reflects a student's current plan of coursework, career aspirations, and extended learning opportunities in order to develop the student's individual academic and career goals.
    We as educators believe that integrating an Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP) process into all facets of the school experience enables students to be lifelong learners and problem-solvers, developing and applying 21st century skills to their life experiences as students, as workers, as consumers, and as responsible citizens.  With the ability to identify skills and interests and to apply that knowledge to create their own ECAP, our students will have developed needed skills to advance in a more fluid, seamless transition, meeting 21st century technologies and workplace postsecondary requirements.

    ECAPs at Marcos

    The Marcos de Niza High School Guidance Department implements the state-mandated ECAP (Education and Career Action Plan) with all regular and gifted education students. In order to meet future workplace challenges, the state recognizes that planning should occur early in a student’s academic career. Therefore, our department guides students by integrating the ECAP into their four years at Marcos de Niza High School, which includes skills assessments, interest inventories, four-year high school educational plans, career explorations, résumés, and college, major, and financial assistance searches.
    Freshman Year
    • Create Account
    • Kuder Career Assessment
    • Explore Career Pathways
    • Create Four-Year Educational Plan


    Sophomore Year
    • Kuder Skills Confidence Assessment
    • Explore Careers
    • Update Four-Year Educational Plan
    • Build a Résumé
    • Post-Secondary Education Goals
    • Financial Planning


    Junior Year
    • Kuder Work Values Assessment
    • Careers Interests & College Majors
    • Post-Secondary Education Goals
    • Update Four-Year Educational Plan
    • Update Résumé
    • Financial Planning


    Senior Year
    • Review Graduation Requirements
    • Submit University Applications
    • Scholarships and Grants
    • Financial Aid Application (FAFSA)
    • Update Résumé