Purchasing FAQs

  • Who mails the purchase order to the vendor?

    IVisions automatically emails PO’s to the vendor unless the vendor record does not have a PO email on file; the Purchasing Department will then mail a hard copy to the vendor. We encourage vendors to utilize emails for PO delivery

    What if I cannot find the vendor in the system?

    Contact the Purchasing Department the vendor may be inactive due to missing or expired documentation.

    What if the purchase order was created to the wrong vendor?

    Once the purchase order has been created, the vendor cannot be changed. Close the purchase order Create a new requisition with the correct vendor information.

    What if the price has changed since the Purchase Order was created?

    If the price has increased/decreased, please revise your purchase order in IVisions.

    What if a vendor cannot fill an order?

    A Purchase Order Revision must be completed to cancel the purchase order or to decrease the original amount by the amount of the item(s) the vendor cannot provide.

    What if I exceed the amount of my open purchase order?

    A Purchase Order Revision must be completed to increase the original amount before additional purchases are made. If additional purchases have been made prior to the PO revision an After the Fact form must be sent to the Purchasing Department.

    Are we tax exempt?

    Only library purchases are tax exempt.

    What if the IVisions System will not let me enter an account number that I know is valid?

    Please note that since the 2016-2017 revision of IVisions auto fills the account number as you type the number. If the Account is not populating in the system please contact Budget to ensure the account is active in the system.

    What if I do not know the account code?

    Please reach out to Budget for account codes.

    How can I tell if a purchase order is closed?

    Check the balance on the purchase order. If the balance (in the Encumbered Amount field) is zero, the purchase order has been closed. You can view the status of your PO in the Control Panel in the IVisions Portal.

    How can I tell the date that a purchase order was created?
    The Purchase Order date is on the upper left of the Vendor and Entity/Requester copies of the Purchase Order.

    What if I forgot my password?

    Email Information Systems & Technology Department Support at support@tempeunion.org. Once it is reset change your password the next time you sign on.

    How do I close a PO? 

    Contact AP to ensure all payments have been made prior to emailing Purchasing with the PO number and vendor name requesting the PO to be closed. One list can be sent for multiple POs. All POs will be mass closed at the end of the year, so the only reason to close a PO is to unencumber the funds. 

    How do I reopen a PO?

    Email Budget to request the approvals needed to re-open the PO copy purchasing on the email. Once Budget approves purchasing will re-open the PO.

    What is needed to add a vendor?

    Please see Vendor Registration page for details.

    Minimum requirements are:

    • Registration Form
    • IRS form W-9
    • COI -Certificate of Insurance

    Why does a vendor need a COI?

    An incident resulting from a vendors work or equipment could result in property damage to TUHSD or a liability claim from an injured student, employee or the family. Therefore it is prudent for TUHSD to ensure our vendors have liability insurance with adequate limits.

    Are fingerprint (IVP) cards needed for all vendors?

    No, only vendors who will be in the presence of students are required to provide IVP cards.

    How to copy a req into the New Year

    Pull up the PO you wish to copy in the Control Panel, at the top of the screen click the Actions button, select Copy Requisition/PO to the Next Year. You may now go to the new year and edit the PO as needed. You must submit the requisition for approval.

    Can a volunteer be a vendor?

    To register a volunteer as a vendor the vendor must submit the required vendor documentation.

    The volunteer status fingerprinting does not meet the statutory requirement for vendors. When the statute says "fingerprint clearance card," it means the IVP fingerprint clearance card.