Lobo Lab

  • The Lab is a computer-based instructional program, designed to be highly interactive. It provides Compadre students the opportunity to have a flexible daily schedule at no additional cost or tuition. Students work on computers in a small group setting, learn at their own pace and receive immediate feedback. Staffed with teachers appropriately certified the course they are studying, the Lobo Lab offers a wide range of courses in English, Social Studies and Math. The Lab utilizes the Edgenuity online program which students can access from and can work remotely on all assignments and quizzes. The staff coordinates with the counselors from Compadre to design a pan that works best for each individual student. The goal is always to increase achievement by utilizing best practices in order to earn high school credits.

    Knowing that the most powerful and effective learning model is a face-to-face, teacher to student setting, this online learning model may not be the best option for all students. This is especially true for students taking a math class for the first time. Lobo Lab courses are rigorous and not recommended for student who are not strong or confident in math.

Courses Offered

  • The following courses are open to all Compadre Academy students.


    • Freshman English ENG100 A or B
    • Sophomore English ENG100 A or B
    • Junior English ENG100 A or B
    • Senior English ENG100 A or B


    • Algebra 1-2 MAT 100 A or B
    • Geometry MAT 100 A or B
    • Algebra 3-4 MAT 300 A or B
    • College Math MAT 450 A or B

    Social Studies

    • World History SST 100 A or B
    • American/AZ History SST 200 A or B
    • US/AZ Government SST 300
    • Economics SST 350
    • Psychology SST 720
    • Sociology SST 730


  • Registration begins Monday, August 5th. Registration forms are available in the Guidance Office. A Counselor’s signature is required on the registration form. This will ensure the student is enrolling in the appropriate class needed to meet graduation requirements.

Lobo Lab Schedule

  • Monday/Tuesday Block
    3:40 PM to 5:40 PM
    Social Studies—E204

    Thursday/Friday Block
    3:40 PM to 5:40 PM
    Social Studies—E204

Attendance Policy

  • The program offers both credit recovery (CR) and initial credit (OI) courses. Both require a significant investment of students’ time. Each course demands a minimum average of 40 hours work on the computer including assignments and quizzes. All tests and exams must be administered in person by the instructor. Students can have no more than 3 absences per semester. They will be withdrawn and receive no credit on the fourth (4th) absence. Students who register late are responsible for completing the course(s) by the assigned target date (end of the semester). No extensions are granted. School sponsored absences count.