DV Student Parking

  • Only those students who are in possession of a DVHS 2022 - 23 parking permit may park in our main student parking lot off of Frye Road or in the church parking lot next door. Parking permits must be hung from the rearview mirror so that they are visible from the front of the vehicle. Parking permits cannot be shared, sold, or exchanged. Only the registered driver & vehicle may utilize the assigned parking permit.

    Student drivers who do not have a valid DVHS 2022 - 23 parking permit must find alternate parking (i.e. in the residential areas nearby), making sure to avoid any areas that are signed for "no parking" and being mindful & respectful of any applicable laws/ordinances in those areas.

    In our Main Lot (on campus) - parking is assigned by permit # and lane color. Main lot permit holders must be sure to park in their assigned spot, according to the color and # on their permit. Our Main Lot map is below.

    In the Church Lot - parking is not assigned by permit #. Church lot permit holders may select their desired parking spot.

    Please be careful when entering/exiting/driving in our main student parking lot or church parking lot. Watch for pedestrians and other drivers. Student drop-off & pick-up, as well as pedestrian traffic, occur in these areas. Please drive slowly, safely, and courteously. 

    CdS Parking lot map

DV Student Parking Rules

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