Alternative Programs & Credits

  • Working in conjunction with our district, Tempe Union offers the below listed alternative programs. These programs allow students additional flexibility in course selections and credit-earning opportunities. Students behind in credits, looking to get ahead, needing to retake a course, and/or want to engage in courses not offered at the site are encouraged to investigate the coursework offered at one of our alternative programs.

    Summer Education Academy (SEA)

    Our district's traditional summer school program allows students to take a course or remediate classes in which they were not successful the first time. Typically, Summer School is held at one of our seven district high schools for about four hours each morning, Monday through Friday. 14 days sessions are offered, each equating to a semester of work in a course during the regular school year. Since it is an optional program, fees apply. Registration takes place each March in the Counseling Office.

    Tempe Union Online

    The Tempe Union High School District’s Tempe Union Online program offers students online learning opportunities to provide flexibility for personalized student success. Students work with their teachers in a virtual online environment to study and complete all coursework at their own pace in an asynchronous learning environment.

    TUOL students receive one-on-one instructional support and tutoring from highly qualified, certified teachers. Students also have access to Online Learning Labs at every Tempe Union campus where computers are available for student use in a supervised classroom lab setting. Final exams for all courses must be taken in person at a designated district location and will be proctored by district-assigned staff. All courses are aligned to the Arizona Standards and curriculum standards of the District.

    Collaborative Courses

    Collaborative courses are offered as a blended virtual learning environment to students in the district who would like to enroll in a course that is not offered on their campus. Select schools are hosts, with the class being at the beginning or end of their school day. These course offerings are in-person at the host school and virtually from a monitored set location on the students’ home campus. If the course is available within the students schedule, the student will not have to take into consideration travel time and will be able to learn alongside fellow students across the district.

    Important: Alternative Credit Transfer Policy

    All alternative credit courses taken outside of a students' regular schedule and outside of the Tempe Union High School District, MUST have prior approval. Students wishing to take a class outside of the district must complete the Alternative Credit Form - PDF (form also in document window below). Visit the school Counseling Department for form and prior approval. Failure to do this will result in the denial of outside credit being placed on any student transcript. Acceptance of transfer credits from sources outside the Tempe Union High School District is not automatic. It is recommended that current Tempe Union students meet with their counselor before enrolling in courses outside TUHSD to clarify the District alternative credit transfer policy. 

    Online Transfer Credit Policy

    Online courses taken from any NON-Tempe Union high schools, the school shall provide to the pupil who transfers credit, a list that indicates which credits have been accepted as either elective or core credits. Board Policy JFABC.

    Interactive PDF:

    Please download any interactive PDFs to your desktop and fill out in Adobe Reader (current version) to enable the save as feature. Filling out a form in an internet browser window will NOT save your content.

    Alternative Credit Form